[Article] (Chill Diddy, damn…) Pro and Con’s of Dating a Serial Texter.

Article by Charne Graham (@88nae88)

Chill Diddy, damn…

We all live in a day and age where time is somewhat limited. People want what they want and it has to be fast and easy. Today, convenience is everything to everybody. This is why some people think chivalry is dead because sometimes all it takes is a “#HeyBoo” in a direct message on Twitter for a guy to a get a date. Text messaging plays a major part for people in relationships. Some women feel that if a man communicates solely via text that he is not that into them. I believe it goes both ways and can be 50% true because some folks may really like you but are just socially awkward and shy. Here are 5 Pros and Cons of frequent texting that may encourage you to just pick up the damn phone and push the green button.


-Checking in: the usual “Good Morning Beautiful” text means a lot to most. It all depends on whom it comes from and how often it occurs. The simple check-in text always counts as one of the “little things” that are necessary.

-Good for locations: Your boo just found a new rooftop spot where you can have some amazing cocktails and dance the night away. It’s kind of sexy to get a text saying meet me at 2039 Blank St. at 8 P.M. Once again the art of convenience comes into play just put the address in your GPS and meet up.

-Sexting: There is a thin between “sexting” and ruining your reputation. This is the good side. Sometimes it’s cool to send out a sexy pic to someone you like. Visuals are needed every now and then, especially if one of you are out of town. Just a little advice, if you’re going all out with your sexy pics you should never show your face or tattoos, you’ll see why later.

-Avoiding Awkward Convos: Sometimes it’s easier to let someone know how you feel without it turning into a screaming match. People may even be more understanding if they read your words. I mean you could take it back and write a 4-page letter but “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

-Your voice gets heard: If someone is ignoring you and doesn’t want to hear what you have to say just shoot out a text. They may not always respond but trust me they see it and know how you feel.


-Nobody really laughs out loud all the time: This is how corny jokes make it in the world. People think 80% of the lame shit they say is funny because you always hit them with the “LOL”. It’s just as bad as that awkward fake chuckle you give corny people.

-Missing out on a Phone-Bone session: It’s the throwback version of “sexting” that people today take for granted. It doesn’t hurt to pull that Girl 6 voice on your boo every now and then.

-Missing out on really getting to know a person: Sure texting is cool but sometimes it can be like social networking. Not everyone really has the balls to say half the shit they type. It’s easier to hear pain and lies in someone’s voice at times. You also can’t always detect sarcasm via text.

-Drunk Dialing is so much easier: Have you ever received a text like this: “Whr yu at, I wan see yu” ? That shit is not smooth and a dead giveaway, just pick up the phone and call to lay your late-night mack down after the party.

-Screenshots: We are in a world where people have to prove points to protect their own pride. Anything you say, can and will be used against you via screenshot and Twitter. This is why when you send out those risky photos (Guys and Gals), make sure your face and tats aren’t exposed. This way you can do damage control and say, “That’s not me.”

Written by Thomas Agnew