[Article] Three Artists Who Wasted My Time – Part 1: Blu, Donnis, CyHi da Prynce

I feel like there are a bunch of individuals who are faking about their likes and dislikes when it comes to music these days. On Twitter you get a lot of weirdo opinions. On Facebook…we won’t even go there. And on some of these media sites, I’m not sure if they’re posting these artists because they like them or just want to post the most popular hits (can’t front like we don’t participate every so often), which is petty in some ways but you gotta play the game. But at the same time some of these artists shouldn’t be able to wave at the mic, let alone release the poop they call music. So I just said f*ck it and said I’m going to point out some people I’ve wasted time paying attention to. Too many nice yes men in the game and we need more real opinions out here. Let’s get it started.

Blu –














It’s sad that I have to include him on my listing because “Below the Heavens” is one of the dopest projects to drop in the 2000’s. He and Exile put together something that many producer/artist combos have failed to do many of times. But including Blu on this list is less about his lyricism. We know the boy can spit. But it’s everything else he does that is piss poor. When I saw him in Pittsburgh at the Shadow Lounge in 2008, he put together one of the dopest performances I’ve been a part of. Or maybe it was the circumstances of the actual event that was fun. Either way, he performed like he actually wanted people to know he took his career seriously. Now you don’t know if he’s going to be too high to perform or not. You don’t know if he’s even going to show up to perform or not. You don’t even know if he’ll properly drop a project like a regular individual and not release shitty unmixed/mastered projects. I feel like he’s doing what Andre 3000 is doing but with not nearly enough clout for people to care and try and straighten him up. People like your music, Blu. Get in the studio, record, get your project mixed and mastered, let people buy it, and perform like you got some damn sense.

Donnis –











Donnis was one of those rappers that tricked me with a dope ass single and a pretty all right project. Needlz laced Donnis with an ill beat for “Gone” which initiated a “bidding” war. Gone helped Donnis get a single deal with Fool’s Gold and it ended up on an Adidas commercial. But after that what has he done? What notable releases has he dropped? Nathan. “Fashionably Late” and “Southern Lights” both failed to get full spins when I heard them. If I actually wanted to use my energy to burn the project to CD, more than likely I would have enjoyed tossing them out my car window. But I don’t like wasting money.

CyHi da Prynce –










This guy right here. The artist who snuck his way onto a monstrous track. The artist who has one good bar per song. What’s his deal? “Woopty Doo” may be his best effort only because Big Sean was featured and CyHi wasn’t able to force a weak third verse. I managed to see him on the Big Sean tour and I don’t know how they allowed him to be on it. I had a better time watching the stage workers set up the backgrounds. He’s a prime reason why we need to be harder on artists. I remember one of his free in-stores got cancelled. That should be a message that people would rather play X-Box at home than be bored with his presence. He better pray Kanye saves him again.

Written by Thomas Agnew