[Be Awear] epitome. Clothiers Offically Opens Vintage Webshop

Four young individuals come together to build a exquisite vintage style clothing site epitome. for individuals with timeless taste. Below is their information on who they are and what they stand for.

We are a Pittsburgh-based clothier of vintage and lightly used menswear clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelry. epitome. brings to You, carefully selected menswear pieces for the style conscious person who finds beauty in finely-crafted timeless and contemporary clothing.

We are a passionate and stylistically conscious group of individuals who find fascination in the details of everyday things, small and large, that we see and experience.

We strive towards and invite every individual that has similar interests to join us in this expanding movement of fashion and culture.

Opened today, make sure you check out all of their stock here: http://www.epitomeclothiers.bigcartel.com/

You can follow them all on Twitter at: @Bastien_Michel, @BruceWayne24, @unknown_mind, @ZekielNFab5

Written by Thomas Agnew