[Be Awear] Start Up Freshness: Ides Of March


When it comes to presenting a new brand to new consumers, you can’t cut any corners. With Ides Of March they’ve made sure to come out with a purpose of being edgy along with ensuring the best of quality with each piece presented. For this Start Up Freshness, they speak on not over saturating the market but providing a creative alternative to the normal clothing being worn in the street wear world.

How would you describe your brand in 4 words?

Loud. Raw. Iconic. Dope.

What is the motive behind your brand?

We started Ides Of March clothing out of our love for streetwear and a desire for something fresh to the scene. Ides of March breathes new life to the stale and stagnant rotation of the same major brands to give a exciting new look to the culture.

What’s the most interesting feature about the brand?

The most interesting thing about Ides of March is that we understand how important it is for you to be unique and not see all your friends wearing the same shirt as you. So with that in mind, none of our designs will ever become over-saturated and for the most part they will be limited releases to preserve the design integrity.

What void in the industry does your brand fill?

The need to not follow a trend. Some brands compromise their beliefs in order to make something they feel the masses will love. We believe as artists you should never throw away your values for a quick profit. This is a revolution and we’re here to rebel against the norm. So no sublimated prints of renaissance art of Ides of March leather tees.

What is your biggest source of inspiration outside of fashion?

Music definitely. Especially artists that follow their own creative madness to create something truly different for people to enjoy.

How do you stand out in a sea of start-up brands?

We stand out because of what we represent. Ides of March represents change, revolution. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you. This marks the beginning of something new, something alien, and the death of all that you once knew. Ides of March is a celebration; a celebration of clean design and high aesthetics.

Would you give a percentage of your brand to an investor? Why or why not?

We have bootstrapped our way to our first line ever and will continue to do so. We have invested our all into making this a reality from a sketch on a page. Pouring our blood, sweat and tears into this is what gives us pride in what we have accomplished and gives us much more to look forward to.

If you could choose an ideal model for your brand, who would it be?

Ides of March will pave its own way. We want to achieve success by pushing the culture forward. Street wear culture has becoming a melting-pot of ideals, and we plan to stir it up. We want this to be bigger than it already is and highlight all aspects of the culture, from the rappers to the skateboarders, and without saying too much we have some dope collaboration projects in store so stay tuned.

Where can your clothing be purchased?

Currently you can purchase Ides of March gear exclusively from www.BeWeartheides.com. We have plans to have local stockists in the Tampa Bay Area very soon.

Written by Thomas Agnew