[Brand Of The Month] December: Kloud Clothing Co.


It’s been a while since we’ve run a Brand of the Month. We figured we’d close the year out with a brand that has been doing great things just as our past features Kreemo, Chilly-O, and Matrimoney Clothing. Since our first coverage of Muzik Jones Drew, we’ve been hip to the moves of Kloud Clothing. Priding themselves in being a first class limited release brand, Kloud Clothing has gone from being known as an Urban Skate Brand to a full fledged trendsetting clothing line. Check out as JC talks about quality over quantity, not flooding the market with Kloud Clothing, and Kloud being the root for more business in the future.

How much does music play a role of inspiration for the brand?

Music, for the most part is key in what our Brand represents. Just how music has its different genres and styles, we set out to be the same with our unique style. Our Brand isn’t for everyone, just as Music has its different listeners. It’s about knowing your style. Style is saying who you are without having to say a word.

What are your other sources of inspiration outside of fashion?

Besides fashion, other sources of inspiration just come from being who we are and where we come. We are from a small city where Dreams don’t seem to exist. Seeing others live their Dreams inspire us.

What are the essentials of being able to label yourself a clothing brand as so many do with only having one or two shirts as releases?

One of the Key essentials of being a Clothing Brand is actually being a Brand. Building a brand is different from just selling clothes. Every product or service you bring to market yields a customer experience; this is why Quality matters over quantity. We as Kloud take pride and dedication in building our brand. We’re not doing it for money, but for simply the love of fashion, music, art and showing that chasing your dreams isn’t a waste of time

What is one thing that distinctively sticks out as brand recognition for Kloud Clothing?

The main thing that distinctively sticks out on almost every piece of our garments are the Red labels & Tags. Red is love. You can’t love what you do until you do what you love. The label marks our logo which embeds the powerful message in what we stand for, simply chasing your dreams. Inside every successful person is a little kid that chased their dreams.

What is the hardest part of being an independent business?

There’s nothing hard about being an Independent Brand. It’s all about maintaining and managing the brand. You don’t have anyone that’s going to do it for you, so you must make it happen on your own. The hardest part is really forcing yourself to learn & remaining independent.

If you could collaborate with any other brand out there (fashion or not) who would it be? Why?

If we could collab with anyone out there, it would be either Pharrell Williams or Kanye West. Their sense of creativity and distinctive style always trend a unique outlook to the fashion world.

Have you thought of adding any other components to Kloud Clothing to make more than just the clothing brand that it is?

For sure Kloud will expand into many more extensions. The Brand Kloud will stand root for many other business ventures involving the movement and lifestyle we represent.

Has mass production ever been a thought or an idea for Kloud Clothing or do you like keeping it somewhat limited to the people?

We don’t plan on flooding the market, we want to stay exclusive and limited for that loyal relationship with our believers. It’s like an airplane; you have first class and economy, but you will never see more seats in first class then economy. The best is always limited. Its simple Economics, you will never supply every demand. As our demand increases, we will produce a balanced supply in which our movement and brand will hopefully grow strong and stick around for a very long time.

What has Kloud Clothing allowed you to do that you thought might have been impossible?

Kloud Clothing’s by far success has leaded us to believe that nothing is impossible. The come up process was once a dream. Never let those who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

What expectations do you have in closing the year out?

Well besides closing out our year with the hope our dope Holiday Collection drop and our Exclusive collab project with Ebbets field flannels both becoming successful, we’re now the Brand of the month for this Dope azz JENESIS Magazine. –Thank you from US, Kloud Clothing Co.

Make sure you check out Kloud Clothing at http://www.kloudclothing.com/

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Written by Thomas Agnew