[Brand Of The Month] January – Matrimoney Clothing

For our first “Brand Of The Month”  we connected with Will and Geoff of Matrimoney Clothing by way of Dallas, Texas. These two young gentlemen brought a whole new meaning to street wear to their area. And instead of just focusing on making money off the brand, they’ve been teaching the youth about branding and expanding their knowledge on entrepreneurial works. Check out the below interview to learn a bit more about Matrimoney.

So Will and Geoff, how did you guys come together to want to create an independent clothing brand and how did the name Matrimoney come about?

We met in High School at a time when “street wear” wasn’t as big as it is currently. People were still rocking Ed Hardy swag and whatnot. We shared a common admiration for street wear and felt that our take on street wear would be something dope if we were to drop gear, The name Matrimoney actually came about as a “Plan B” Initially we wanted the brand to be named Machiavelli Clothing after the philosopher..Later to find out it was taken and copyrighted my 2pac’s mother. We were searching thru the dictionary saw Matrimony; figured we would place an “E” between N & Y to symbolize a relationship with Money

When was the first time you knew Dallas took a liking to your brand?

We’ve had a few instances earlier than the one we’re about to describe but The first time we really started realizing we were buzzing was after Kixpo ’10 [TX Streetwear Convention] We flipped all the gear we came with and after that we gained over 700 twitter followers almost immediately after the event.

What were the first hurdles you had to jump to ensure this would be something you could continue to pursue and make your brand a success?

There’s so many, lol. And many more expected to come. However one thing I’d say would be developing our brand’s identity. We don’t ever want things to be cheesy or phony or anything we wouldn’t actually wear ourselves. With new school artists like Chiddy Bang & Mac Miller rocking Matrimoney it definitely help.

In your bio you say “putting a twist on street wear.” What do you think you do differently from other street brands?

Simplicity, is a main focus of ours. We are firm believers in the phrase “Less is More”, At Matrimoney you won’t find a ton of different colors on tee. However you will find a clean, mature, and simplistic design.

How will you extend the brand past your current reach?

The biggest way we’ll be able to extend our current reach will definitely be by increasing our online presence; Blogs, forums, interviews, etc.

Each collection has a driven idea so what was yours with the latest release?

Our latest Release was our Fall/Winter Collection Pt.1; our main focus was to introduce more accessories to our catalog such as sunglasses, beanies, and belts things that we have not previously released before along with introducing some new designs. We have our Fall/Winter Pt.2 that we just dropped featuring hoodies and more crewnecks.

We’ve noticed that you also support Scoremore and their shows. How did you connect and how has the relationship helped your business?

We were trying to figure out a new way to market our brand. We had been following Scoremore’s progress in Austin and realized they were bringing huge artists like J.Cole & Wale. So we got in touch with Scoremore through a mutual friend. At the time Scoremore hadn’t done any shows in Dallas, so we figured this would be a perfect business relationship a year and a half & 15 shows later, we’re still working together.

What can we expect from Matrimoney next?

We want to open up our flagship store at the beginning of 2013 and hopefully expand to a couple more stores around the world. We want to continue partnering with athletes, musicians, actors, artists and really anybody that inspires us. We plan to release a vast amount of cut-and-sew pieces, leather goods and eventually a footwear line.

Follow Matrimoney Clothing on Twitter at http://twitter.com/matrimoneydtx

Written by Thomas Agnew