[Comment/Vote] Choose Our January DJ Issue Cover w/ DJ Bonics!

JENESIS Readers and Fans. We need your help! Jordan Beckham shot some incredible shots of DJ Bonics, our cover feature, for our 4th Annual DJ Issue. (Written by J.D. Thrasher)

We’ve narrowed it down to two picks. We need YOU to COMMENT on which cover you think is the best. And at the end of the voting we will choose a special voter and give him/her a FREE Printed version of the issue sent straight to your home. Remember you must COMMENT to win!



  • http://www.reppittsburghhiphop.com K-Mo

    I like the first one best!

  • Kasey

    Really hard choice but, DJ Cover #2!!

  • http://crownyemi.tumblr.com Yemi

    I vote for cover #1… both are great shots though!

  • Melony West-breezy jr

    welllll, i like the first one because it focuses soley on the dj BUT BUT BUT….my vote is for the second one the creative edge. It looks like the dj is being lost in the musical clutter, wider frame, more to look at….GO DJ BONICS! lol

  • lankstolemybike

    shot 1… oscar the grouch in shot 2 is crucial tho

  • Josh Harris

    first one for sure

  • http://findingmeandu2.tumblr.com S-Money

    COVER #1!!!!!

    It’s more about the DJ! And he’s front and center in the first shot.

  • Toni

    Definitely the first one!

  • Martini Vixen

    First One!

  • judy

    Both are great shots! I like the second one – his surroundings show a timeline of his accomplishments (Concernt badges, Wiz Photo, Pittsburgh apparel,and the HEART!)

  • g

    cover 1!

  • Arielle

    I absolutely LOVE the second one! It tells his story. I love photos with a message :)

  • Jake Paine

    #2, O.C. is included.

  • Kul


  • serena bond

    Def. Number 1 because of the close up. You get to see the main feature (Bonics) more clearly and it gives you an up, close and personal vibe. The 2nd photo has a bit too much going on.

  • Mike

    The first photo is more for a cover shot. The second is more for a picture within the article.

  • Shamblak

    The first one is in your face… I choose that one

  • dramadary

    The first one.

  • Jamar


  • presley

    either one they are both fantastic!!! that is my boy!!!!!

  • http://DCtoBC.com modi

    the second one is vicious! you see the entire room. and that shot is beautiful.

  • Jean

    The second shot showcases many more items that are meaningful/relevant to Bonics, but the first one makes it clear that he’s the focus. I think that would work better for a cover shot, so my vote is for #1!

  • Nisha


  • berni

    i vote for #2

  • http://www.justrealhappy.com justrealhappy

    Def the first one. No contest. :)

  • David Eugene Burford

    I totally prefer cover #1!!

  • tb


  • primero

    first one

  • Krysta K.

    Loving #1

  • Raheem. A

    The second one because it has a better view of his goals he accomplished.

  • Lafashionwhore

    The first one is the shizzle! I hope that one wins!

  • http://bootprintscrew.blogspot.com joe boots

    NUMBER 2! is NOT shit! i like that theres all the laminates showing more and over all its a good one! WHAT UP BONICS

  • Cousin Pete

    First Cover – more attitude & more concise

  • Christine Gaddie


  • Kendra Reith

    #1!!!! LOVE YOU B!!!

  • Charlotte Cox

    Feeling both of them but gotta be the 1st one looking like hes at home with his surrounding hes bossing that! he owns those decks doing what he does best! Cover #1

  • http://www.facebook.com/WizKhalifaChileOficial Wiz Khalifa Chile


  • Jason Demek

    Cover #1!

  • Mary Bonaparte

    I like # 2 cover.

  • La Ensoy Mata

    Brandon, #1 for sure. Miss you!