DimePiece Designs [Womens Streetwear]

Article by Melissa Blythe     @Melissa_Blythe

DimePiece  was created in 2007  by Ashley Jones and Luara Fama. The two wanted DimePiece to embrace and express female empowerment through their merchandise.  In today’s society when the word “DimePiece” is used to describe a woman it’s more degrading rather than embracing, right? Well, there is intended irony behind the naming of DimePiece, as Ashley has explained:

“How dense is our society that we rate women by a number scale? We mean for the term ‘DimePiece’ to be ironic and rule-breaking. We intend to turn the perception of a ‘DimePiece’ around so women would be able to use it proudly. A Dimepiece is a woman who is unique onto herself and doesn’t place herself into any categories. She’s self-governing, opinionated and doesn’t rely on her appearance for sole-recognition. She is a positive representation of today’s young female and is essentially the perfect ten… all around.”

With designs that clearly appear to be influenced by feisty attitudes, Marijuana and pop art, I think it’s safe to say that DimePiece isn’t  for your average girl next door; DimePiece is clothing for girls who aren’t afraid to make a statement or cause some ruckus. Shop here if you’re a DimePiece

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