epitome. Releases Nostalgic Pittsburgh “79 Jersey”


The epitome. ’79 Jersey is an ode to one of the greatest years in the city’s history.

1979 was a year that saw the Pittsburgh Pirates bring home the World Series, and the Pittsburgh Steelers protect the city’s Super Bowl crown. At a time in which many changes were happening in the region that caused instability and growing concern, the community rallied behind their sports icons to bring excitement and hope in a time with little.

The sense of pride and joy for the city during this time is something that is arising once again, from a new age of Pittsburgh leaders, innovators and artists that aims to bring the same level of greatness to the city.

The epitome. ’79 Jersey is An Old Icon for a New Age.

The ’79 Jersey is available now at www.epitomeclothiers.com for $35.

Written by Thomas Agnew