[Feature] Boldy James Talks Favorite Song From My First Chemistry Set, Top Movie Villains & More


Interview by Charne Graham (@88nae88)
Photos by Rebecca McElrath (@shikahgoh)

Boldy James is one of Detroit’s finest and he holds a stage presence that can grasp anyone’s attention. He dropped his debut album My First Chemistry Set this year and with production from Alchemist this combination was the perfect formula. JENESIS got a chance to catch up with Boldy while he was in Chicago doing a show with his cousin Chuck Inglish. He discusses his progression, production and favorite movie characters.


Charne: Last time we talked was last year and you had just dropped your second mixtape. How do feel you have progressed since then?

Boldy: Now I’m getting more looks from bigger names in the game and I just feel like shit is just a bigger deal for me.

Charne: The album with Alchemist is incredible. What other producers have you been working with since then?

Boldy: Chuck Inglish as usual. Statik Selektah, my man Trillions . The list goes on it’s just mainly people who rock with what I have to say.

Charne: So from My First Chemistry Set, what would be your favorite song and why?

Boldy:  Definitely the “Rappies” joint because one of my bros Peechie Green and sister Mafia Double Dee is on the track. It’s just like a family track. It was fun making it and we performed it for the first time tonight. It’s a fun song because I know my people are for real with this shit. You know it’s just more than music sometimes.


Charne: Give me your top three favorite movie villains.

Boldy: That’s a good one. OK, of course Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Charne: Why Freddy?

Boldy: He was a real bad guy. You know, he was about nothing but sheer evil. I grew up watching Freddy. He was one of the first bad guys I knew of. Second would be Jason from Friday the 13th. Third would be Mike Myers from Halloween.

Charne: All the for real killers. No Scarface or Tommy Bunz?

Boldy: Nah. They weren’t gangsta enough for me. You know I do the Tommy Bunz shit in the streets everyday so that ain’t nothing new to me.

Charne: So Freddy, Jason and Mike. Why not Scarface?

Boldy: Scarface still had a heart; he wouldn’t even blow the car up. 

Charne: Oh, yea because the kids were in it. What about Rico in Paid in Full? He seemed pretty heartless.

Boldy: Shout out to Killa, Rico was cool but he still wasn’t real enough for me. He snitched at the end too I don’t care if they weren’t from Harlem.

Charne: He was just still trying to come home and be the king. Anything else you like to add Boldy?

Boldy: Nope, just look out for Boldy James everything and Concreatures 227 let’s get it.

Written by Thomas Agnew