[Feature] Gzus Piece – The Holy Spirit

Article by Charne Graham @88nae88
Photo via Ruby Hornet (Thanks Alex)

Gzus Piece has been rapping since he was a tot. “As far back as I could remember I had a rap to say. Those were my most prevalent memories as a child; before reading and writing, I was rapping,” says Gzus Piece. The 26-year-old member of Chicago’s own Treated Crew recalls that it wasn’t until he turned 16 that he started booking studio sessions and taking his rap career seriously.

Gzus met fellow Treated Crew member Mic Terror in high school at freestyle battles. They started hitting the studio together where Mic introduced Gzus Piece to producer/DJ Million Dollar Mano. “I wanted to know where Mic was getting all these cold ass beats from and he told me his friend Mano produced them so he came through a session and that’s how it started,” explains Gzus. “My message remains the same but my music got better because the beats became more tasteful and the studio was more expensive.”

Gzus Piece released his latest EP “Fuck Ya’ll” in September. It features appearances from Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and production from Treated Crew members Nez and Rio. “I’m most proud of the song ‘Ghetto Blessing’ because every now and then you get to catch a moment when you get caught in the rapture and I didn’t write that song I just went in and started rapping,” says Gzus.

When it comes to Chicago, Gzus Piece is more proud of the rap scene. “I think we can all get bread, express ourselves and put on for the city at the same time,” says Gzus. “People like to come down on the younger rappers for the type of music they make here, but shit, that’s the way they like it and I rock with it too,” adds Gzus. Be sure to download the free EP “Fuck Ya’ll” and be on the lookout for the Treated Crew album coming soon.

Written by Thomas Agnew