[Feature] JENESIS’ Top Artists For 2012: Profile – Neako

Name: Neako

Projects: Rubix Cube Series: [Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow], Junk Food, [ LOUDpack Series:  Vol. 1 Love & Other Drugs, HIGHLights, & LOUDpackTREE], THE NUMBER 23

Management: ShineTravis@gmail.com or Randy@GramercyRecords.com

Booking: Randy@GramercyRecords.com

Website: http://Youtube.com/NeakoTVhttp://LVLMerchants.com

Clothing Brand Reps: Various lol

What did 2011 bring to you as an artist?

2011 is one of the most important years in my life. It brought me my most successful project , “The Number 23” and people from places I couldn’t imagine connected with my music more than ever. It opened my eyes and was humbling all at the same time. I was able to get some of the material things I desired my whole life, one of my dream cars, new house, a Rolex [“Rolex Time”], and more. Outside of those things it brought me a lot of love from my Winners.

What was the biggest accomplishment that happened for your career in 2011?

Without question, “The Number 23”. What started out as an unplanned project became something I put my all in to complete and make the best quality music for my fans and those who I knew would become new fans. I was also able to feature my FutureWORLD LVLYSL artists throughout the project and their features were incredible. As of today “The Number 23” definitely tells my story, and the fact that it’s getting the attention it has is the ultimate accomplishment more than anything else.

What 3 elements helped you progress this year?

In FutureWORLD x LVLYSL we have something called the 3 pillars. Meditate, Levitate, and Regulate. If it wasn’t for that mantra there would be no progress. Meditate: You think about and put together your plan, Levitate: Go to a higher plane of existence haha and realize your goals are attainable; you’re above anyone who tries to keep you down. Lastly, Regulate: Put your plan into action and win.

Where do you want your career to go and what are your plans to achieve it in 2012?

I want to continue making great music, living a life Im happy about it, and that can help improve the lives of those I love.  In 2012, I’m dropping another project, possibly an EP or LP. The music on that project is gonna be on another level, can’t wait for people to hear it.

What separates you from the other up and coming artist of 2011?

I’m Neako. There’s only one me and I make the music that’s inspired by my life experiences and emotions. There’s also the support of my FutureWORLD x Taylor Gang x Gramercy family, they all support me 100% so, in the end I know my sound is my own and people respect that.

If the year 2011 was an advertisement, what would its slogan be for you?

Three Fingers to the Sun, Two Feet to the Ground, and Two Eyes On the Money.

Written by Thomas Agnew