[Feature] Rook: Time To Shine


Article by Trevor Leard (@trev412burgh)

Since the age of two, JP Cappelletty has been banging on his drums, but not until his senior year of high school did he get the opportunity to make his dreams turn reality.

Sitting in class senior year, Jp said he got a phone call that changed his life and help him move in the direction he wanted to.  Slim Gudz, who is Machine Gun Kelly’s hype man, was on the other end of the phone call, which Jp said he ran out of class to take. Jp had been sending him YouTube videos of himself playing and it was finally his time to shine. “He didn’t even know I was still in high school,” Jp said. “He didn’t think it would work out.” According to Jp he then had to make the trip from his hometown of Toledo to the Lace Up rapper’s place in Cleveland. “We almost didn’t make it there, I had to get my uncle to drive and we even got pulled over on the way,” Jp said.

Things have only gone up from there for Jp, well down too and up again, and then maybe down and up one more time. When Jp first joined the Lace Up crew for the Hostile Takeover tour in 2012 he actually had to drop out of school and earned his nick name Rookie, Rook for short. He said he had to do a lot of working out while on tour to earn his spot and respect with the guys. “One time I put my drums away wrong and Andre (MGK’s tour manager) got really mad,” Rook said. “I can remember I threw up 13 times that day, I won’t forget that.” Rook said he had to do a lot of push-ups and running, but didn’t seem to mind because he prides himself in staying in shape enough to be able to put it all out there on stage. “I don’t drink and I rarely ever smoke, I don’t want to mess up my body,” Rook said. Rarely smoking is a thing that may have gotten him in trouble in the video for Wild Boy Remix, where he can infamously be seen smoking Steve-O and MGK’s pubic hairs, but according to Rook he was not the first person who took a hit from the joint that day.

You may wonder why a drummer is an essential part to a rapper’s crew, but for Machine Gun Kelly’s highly influenced, hard core side of his raps, a drummer is a key ingredient. Not featured on any songs yet, Rook said he is humble that people think he played on MGK’s most recent tape, Black Flag, but doesn’t want people to think it was him. “I’m on a couple songs on the new album coming out,” Rook said. The album has no release date or official title as of yet, but Rook said he is glad to be able to play on it and wants to do more of that in the future. As for the road ahead, he said that he doesn’t want to go anywhere. “I’ve been offered to play in a lot of bands, they even brought the money,” Rook said. “Hard core bands peak is at Warped Tour and I know I wanted to go beyond that.” This only makes sense too, because one of the motto’s that front man MGK lives by is “E.S.T,” everyone stands together.

Written by Thomas Agnew