ICON – Against All Odds (I Don’t Care) (Prod by Ruffsound)

It’s our pleasure to introduce ‘Against All Odds (I Don’

t Care)’, the new single by the Fresh Coast’s own, ICON. The Cali-native connected with Montreal-based producer Ruffsound, proving Hip Hop culture’s influence has truly reached unforeseeable places from its inception and inspired artists to continue its tradition of bringing about purity from a recipe that includes lyrical prowess and gritty sound.

ICON divulges into his seemingly squeaky-clean background, sharing tales of a peaceful neighborhood and an honor roll upbringing. Despite the fact that these elements are usually frowned upon, the Persian emcee is determined to be heralded in Hip Hop. Sound crazy…? He don’t care.

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  • paul krezak

    I like it!…Retro-type smooth cool vibe

  • A

    I just wish he would rap in his real voice with no accent

  • SPILL IT!!!

    I like it. Persians can RAP! Also, how do you know that this is not his real d@mn voice? Keep doin’ it ICON!