[Illustrative Excellence] Profile: Alex Sheyn


Name: Alex Sheyn

Website: alexsheyn.com

Artistic Style: Geometric, Macabre, Fluid

Art Medium: Digital, Mixed

Art Inspirations: I am very influenced by work that seems somehow impossible. In illustration, it could be a level of detail that seems impossibly tedious but wholly worth it. In photography, it could be a photo taken at the perfect place and perfect time while also being beautifully composed. In design, a perfect blend of visual appeal and getting the message across, neither one being compromised by the other but instead complimented.

I’m also drawn to the bright and colorful, as well as the dark, stark and grotesque. I love minimalism, texture and detail, high contrast and the extremes of every spectrum.

Explain first noticed artwork: I would say that my first noticed artwork was a very simple Cinema 4D experiment I created and posted on Tumblr. It skyrocketed to nearly 40,000 notes.
(See HERE)

Most hated Art Cliché: I think that a good piece of 2D art/illustration should strike a balance between visual appeal and underlying meaning. A lot of art I see these days balances too far in one direction or the other.

Worst Client Habit: When a client doesn’t value your expertise and taste and tries to prescribe exactly what they think a piece of work should look like without valuing the artist’s decision making process. The best outcomes happen when the artist/client relationship is one of mutual respect and partnership, rather than the client being overly prescriptive, demanding, and fearful.

Before someone hits you up about work they should: Become familiar with the work I do and learn about the different skills I have at they’re disposal. Make sure that my style matches the look they’re going for.

Written by Thomas Agnew