[Illustrative Excellence] Profile: Alexis Seeney

Name: Alexis Seeney

Website: http://hypeforever.com

Artistic Style: However I feel

Art Medium: Photoshop

Art Inspirations: My inspirations come from all sorts of things, just about everything actually. I can get inspiration from something I learned or saw in class or something I just so happened to see on the internet or something. My main inspiration comes from music, especially Curren$y. I am a big fan of him. I just love his smooth laid back flow and when I listen to his music I just sit back relax and paint pictures in my head of what he is saying. I can feel the cool vibes in his music and his beats are always what gets me excited. So when I do illustration or even a graphic, I keep it simple and dope, just like Curren$y’s music. Kanye west inspires me too, that’s why my signature color for Hype Forever is pink because it reminds me of Kanye, like the Air Yeezy for example.

Explain your first recognized artwork: My first recognized work was a collaboration piece I did with Woodville INC. We did a pin and chain for Curren$y. What made it significant was that my logo was on the back. And right now I’m in the process of branding Hype Forever as not only a website but a Media and Design firm so that was a big thing for HF.

Most hated Art Cliché: My most hated Art Cliche is photography. I’m an aspiring photographer myself and I consider it as an art but people are starting to change the meaning and value of photography. I blame Tumblr. People are buying expensive cameras and taking a million pictures of their material things and claiming themselves as photographers. It’s okay to do that but that’s not what photography is about. It’s about knowing the camera, capturing moments, memories, and telling a story. People overlook the true meaning of photography.

Worst Client Habit: My worst client habit is when he/she talks to me in a demanding way, as if I HAVE to do their design. Especially when it’s someone with a little status. I hate when someone tells me to do their graphic rather than asking me. I don’t mind, but just ask, don’t tell me. I’ve turned down many projects; one of them was really major, because the client disrespected me. It makes the value of my art go down.

Worst Client Mishap: Don’t have one.

Before someone hits you up about work they should: Before someone hits me up they should know that I am the right person for the job and they should be about their money. I don’t want to sound like a greedy and demanding person but I have to get paid just like you do. Someone on twitter told me that “If you’re good at something, you shouldn’t do it for free.”

Written by Thomas Agnew