[Illustrative Excellence] Profile: Dee Williams


Name: Dee Williams

Website: DeexDee.com

Artistic Style: Women, portraits, lifestyle

Art Medium: Photography

Art Inspirations: The inspiration behind my photography comes from the beauty of women. Specifically, women of color. We are walking, breathing, money can’t afford pieces of art.

Explain first noticed artwork: Nia Phillips was honestly the first person, I feel, noticed my work. She is the creator of the brand Creative Smart Girl. Back in April we got together, created magic, and she used the photos from our shoot to launch her website/brand. After that, the emails and bookings came rolling in. Also, much praise to Rellie Relz who has connected me with so many amazing women in NYC that I got to shoot and are now amazing friends

Most hated Art Cliché: “Everyone is a photographer now.” No, everyone is not a photographer, everyone has a camera.

Worst Client Habit: Being scared and motionless during a shoot. The WORST! Have fun, be yourself, and pretend you are listening to Beyonce in your bedroom wearing your best fit.

Before someone hits you up about work they should: Have a budget ready and a poppin’ outfit.

Written by Thomas Agnew