[Illustrative Excellence] Profile: Sarah Bader


Name: Sarah Bader

Website: www.sarahbaderphotography.com

Artistic Style: Portrait, Concert, Event, Documentary

Art Medium: Photography


Art Inspirations: My work is inspired by my environment.  Lately I have been surrounding myself with a lot of artistic and hardworking locals who make me strive to be better.

Explain first noticed artwork: It’s honestly hard for me to remember the first time that I had my worked noticed. When I attended IUP, I worked for the student activities board that facilitated the main events including homecoming. During this time I also worked for the school newspaper and during the bigger events, my images would be the cover page of the paper, which would get me noticed by my peers.

Most hated Art Cliché: I am not a fan of filters, at all! Personally, I feel as though images can be ruined when a filter is applied. As you can see from my work, I try to create clear images that don’t look like I’m taking them with a film camera from the 1960’s. I’m hoping that this trend will die off soon.

Worst Client Habit: I’ve always been an advocate of crediting an artist if you are showcasing their work. If I am shooting with a brand or a model, I will always be sure to tag them so they get the credit that they deserve! It is a combined effort to help each other gain exposure.

Before someone hits you up about work they should: Have a vision for the photos that they expect and a respectable time frame as to when they want them completed.

Written by Thomas Agnew