[Illustrative Excellence] Profile: VRSX (Verse)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Name: • VRSX • (Verse)

Website: Instagram.com/vrsx_

Artistic Style: Surreal Digital Collage Art, Remixed Photography

Art Medium: Adobe Photoshop CC & Adobe Photoshop CS6 (on occasion)

Art Inspirations: At times its just me sitting in a dark/poorly lit room shuffling through vivid imagery in my mind, filtering it, and creating what best fits what I visualize based on resources. Various anime is also inspirational, but my main inspiration is music. I often listen to instrumentals by artists/producers like Clams Casino, The Octopus Project, Sam Gellaitry and others that not many people know about. Instrumentals allow me to mentally create an atmosphere rather than a track with someone rapping or singing.

Explain first noticed artwork: First noticed work was when JA¥ALLDA¥ reached out to me on Instagram. He checked my page out while randomly scrolling through his followers. He told me my piece, Origin II, is dope and he f*cks with my style. Not long after that, Alex Wiley noticed my work. A month later, he hit me up about becoming his art director and doing some pieces for his latest album “Village Party II: Heaven’s Gate” as well as merchandise.

Most hated Art Cliché: Damn, there’s quite a few I hate. But the one I think I cringe at the most is the actual belief that there’s a formula to being an independent artist. I’m tired of young artists feeling trapped because of this influence. There is no specific formula or structure. It isn’t an assignment that an instructor can give you or “hidden knowledge.” You don’t have to follow trends and ride waves either. You don’t ask to become a great artist, you just become one.

Worst Client Habit: Indecisiveness & Tedious Edits.

Before someone hits you up about work they should: ALWAYS email inquiries (vrsx.info@gmail.com). I can usually tell when someone is serious about working with when they email me. Ask questions, but don’t waste my time. Understand my artistic style and be able to explain concepts if you have any. Don’t try to finesse me into doing free work.

Written by Thomas Agnew