[Interview] Slim K: Rise of the Slowdown + Slim K's Top 5 "Chopped Not Slopped" Tapes

When you think of Chopped & Screwed, first few things that should come to mind is Texas, Swishahouse, and OG Ron C. But with the rise of chopped and screwed remix tapes being used as extra promo of official mixtapes, new individuals have rose to the forefront of the culture. Slim K is one of those individuals and getting the co-sign and joining OG Ron C's Chopstars crew, he's one of the best up and coming choppers to reckon with.

What got you interested in starting to the Slim K Slowdowns? Was it more of a hobby at first or something you really wanted to do for the culture?

It was a hobby, I was making mixes of tracks that I wasn't hearing on Swishahouse  tapes. Especially the R&B joints at the time.

What was your first product and if you heard it today what would you think?

My first “real” product was prob a random rap mix back in '02. I hear some of my older mixes and laugh, my song selections definitely had a STRONG East coast influence back then.

What project got the attention of OG Ron C?

I was told that the tape that got his attention was the Curren$y “Stoned Immaculate” mix I did this past summer.

How serious and protective are the people who love Chopped & Screwed music? Did you catch any hate in the beginning when you first started putting together the product?

The people are very serious in the culture. Especially in Houston. Enthusiasts don't like you to call a mix “screwed” if it wasn't created by the originator himself, Robert Earle Davis (DJ Screw). I never really caught hate, some people will still feel that if it isn't by screw, it's not true, and I understand that.

Are there any artists you won’t touch as far as doing your Slim K Slowdown projects?

I don't think they are any when I think about it, but if a artist told me “hey I don't like my stuff chopped up” I wouldn't touch their songs anymore. I feel that it's a honor to have some one like your music enough to remix it, but hey, that's just me lol.

Have you had to deal with copyright problems as far as using product from signed artists?

Yea all the time, it's gotten better though.

Have you thought about jumping into production and has anyone approached you about that at all?

I think about that every day, I may venture into that this year 2013.

What’s a misconception you’d like to do away with when it comes to what your doing?

The main misconception I would like to do away with is that the sound is a fad. The slowed up sound has been a staple in Texas culture since the early 90's and it will never go anywhere.

S/O to my Chopstars Fam and every artist who I have worked with so far. And a special s/o to all the fans. I wouldn't be doing the mixes if it wasn't for y'all.

Below is Slim K's handpicked Top 5 “Chopped Not Slopped” Tapes (free downloads):

Drake – Take Care

Slim K Presents: A$Ap Mob – Purple Lord$ Never Worry

Slim K Presents: Nice & Slow 44 – Aaliyah Forever

Trinidad Jame$ – Dont Be Safe (Chopped Not Slopped)

The Weeknd – Trilogy (Chopped & Screwed By Slim K)

Written by Thomas Agnew