[Style] Introducing JVP [Jason Vincent Piperno Interview]

Jason, owner of JVP.

I would like to introduce our JENESIS readers to 22 year old Jason Vincent Piperno from Melbourne, Australia. Jason recently released his new label, JVP. When I saw his luxurious designs swarming around on multiple online networks, I knew I had to reach out to seek more information regarding his work. It turns out that Jason is involved with fashion beyond being a designer. Read on to find out more about this fresh new label and Jason’s sick fashion sense.

Jason, can you share with us a little about what you do?

Along with the release of my new designs and label JVP, I run a retail store here in Melbourne named FRSHKDS. I sell items online through my network, upsfornails.com . I also work as a freelance photographer, freelance graphic designer and on top of all of this I am involved with fashion art as a stylist, model and creative director.

Sounds like you’re killing it over there in Australia. Tell us about the store, what type of items do you sell?

In addition to dealing unique vintage items and NBA/NFL apparel we deal designer vintage items such as Chanel, Versace, MCM and Louis Vuitton. We offer everything from jackets, accessories, jewelery, to travel goods. FRSHKDS likes to also give new brands that are not common in our city some light, we select them from the LA and NYC style scene.


How long have you been involved in this business?

I have been doing this now for about 2 years and it has lead me to work with some known Melbourne artists such as Giulietta, Serenity, Hancoq. I also have had the pleasure to meet artists such as Big Sean, Virgil Abloh, Don C and Lupe Fiasco, who purchased a Chanel Jacket from the store.

Let’s talk about JVP. Your graphics are so vivid. That takes some serious talent. Did you study graphic design or fashion in college? Or was it more of a self taught trade?

I studied Graphic Design in university, and all my fashion knowledge is self taught and inspired.

Nice, do you design other pieces than shirts?

I am currently just working on t-shirt designs and will soon be releasing tank tops also. I do plan to expand into full collections of clothing and attire with my unique essence and influence.

Where does inspiration for JVP come from?

I have many classical influences throughout art and fashion cultures, many modern influences throughout music, design, and fashion scenes. I take notes from lots of high fashion inspirations, delve into lots of culture magazines. I also listen to a lot of diverse music, from Rap to Rock and Indie to Pop, so I believe that plays a role as well.

Do people ever compare your garments to Givenchy?

People sometimes compare my pieces to Givenchy. Since they are a big inspiration of mine and no doubt one of my influences, I feel honored that people think my pieces are anything like Givenchy. I am a huge follower of Riccardo Tisci’s work.

Your shirts go for about $100 on average, tell us what we’re getting when we make a JVP purchase?

The JVP garments selected are a luxurious fitting polyester garment, with a high quality dyed print designed by myself. Each piece is altered to sit well on the body – the oversize fit ensures they are loose and long at the hem, while the shoulders hang nicely off the body, and the sleeves are tapered for a slim sleeve fit.

From the JVP collection

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is quite diverse. I tend to work my outfits based on my moods and feelings. Some days I can be minimal, and some days I can be loud. I like to contrast and contradict, and I’ve always had a fascination with raw street fashion mixed with high-end luxury and sophisticated class.

What are your must have day to day items?

Worn-in denim – Cheap Monday, Luxury tee – Givenchy, Leather jacket – Claude Maus, Customized vintage Snapback, Customized leather boots, Shamballa bracelet, Luxury vintage gold watch


So there you have it, 22 year old Jason is a fashion designer, label owner, works in retail, graphic designer, photographer, stylist, model and creative director.  If you’re looking to add touches of luxury to your wardrobe, purchase JVP garments at www.jasonvincentpiperno.com. Also, make sure to check out his blog FRSHKDS.tumblr.com This guy is getting a lot accomplished so get familiar with  his work, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of it.

-Mel B (@MelissaBlythe5)

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