JENESIS Magazine’s June Music Issue feat Devin Miles, Varsity Squad, Tolly, + More

[Edit: Castro Crosby’s correct spelling is “Cashtro” for future referencing of the artist.]

It’s the summer time, which means one thing…a slew of new music. And as always we profile the best of the best upcoming acts. Covering the issue are our Main Eventers which feature Varsity Squad, The Come Up, Tolly, and Devin Miles.

Also In This Issue: Fly Union, UZOY, DDot, Brian Cade, J. Nolan, Lil Tone, Choze, Middi, Krudmart, SCR, Super Monkey, Reel A Peel, Cashtro Crosby, Blessed Label Clothing, and more!

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Written by Thomas Agnew