JENESIS September Issue featuring Sir Michael Rocks

(Cover and feature shot by Ten Photos)
(Courtney Noelle photos shot by Roy Cox)

Yeah it’s been a while since our last issue but it was for good reason. With that said…

This month we’re featuring The Cool Kids member and Toothpick Clique leader Sir Michael Rocks. Also since signing with Jet Life Recordings last October, Sir Michael has been hard at work releasing Premier Politics 1 & 1.5 and Lap of Lux which recently released in August. Charne Graham spoke with him about the signing, his fashion sense that Mac Miller said he “doesn’t get enough credit for,” and releasing music as a solo artist which he explains “I mean, I liked my stuff I did as a member of The Cool Kids but this is more exciting to me because I know exactly what I want it to sound like.

This issue also features Brother Ali, Taylor Gang’s Courtney Noelle, ANTHM (NYC), Problem (LA), DJ YS, Lo Thraxx, Rich & Fameus, Arima Ederra, Haer Brain Schemes (Be Awear), + More


Written by Thomas Agnew