The Key Is Patience For The Whooligan Who Continues Seeing Success With Soulection

Photography (above) by Josh Langford and (below) by Jack McKain

Article by Matt Brown

Starting out in San Francisco and developing his roots across cities such as Pittsburgh, Julio Galvez, better known as The Whooligan, found his niche as both an artist as well as a booking guru within the music industry.

With 15 years of deejaying and producing under his belt, Galvez began to explore his roots in booking and promotion, starting with his own brand.

“I started booking my own parties because when I started, no one would book me. I had to just do it by myself” 

Galvez’s expansion led him to be a part of music collectives The Sole Vibe and 40 Love. He especially credits the latter with not only teaching him traits that prove pivotal in working with a team within the music industry such as transparency and accountability, but he also says that he discovered his dedication to Buddhism while with the group.

“Being able to connect with each other not just with music, but also with religion is dope,” he said. “It really helps with dealing with the hardships of the industry.”

Although Galvez admits that the members have all been taken their separate ways musically, they all still share the bonds they created.

Following his time at The Sole Vibe and 40 Love, Galvez joined music and media collective Soulection as their director of worldwide bookings and partnerships on the basis of his previous work in doing booking and promotional work.

“I had experience with booking and partnerships and they brought me on the team to just see what we could create,” he said.

From the time he joined when it was just a radio show, Galvez and Soulection made it their mission to expand their sound internationally. After spending their beginning times handling their bookings and promotions by themselves, the brand has since grown and spread across 180 cities over six continents.  

Soulection reached its pinnacle in 2014 when they were able to collaborate with Okayplayer to book shows at SXSW.

“It was our first real opening to the world for our live stuff,” Galvez said as he reflected on their experience. He also cites it as they first time they were able to bring everyone from the collective on the road.

Since then, Galvez sees great value in every project the brand does, saying that each one serves as “an opportunity to learn about each other and grow as artists.”

To Galvez , the secret to success in the music industry comes boils down to one simple yet important thing.

“Having a team is more important now more than ever,” he said as he explained how the people he has worked with over the years have helped him grow as an artist. “Even if you have Michael Jackson level talent, you need a team around you to help put you on.”

Galvez also advises those who want to come up in the music industry to take time to step out of simply “doing them” and become immersed in the culture by supporting other artists.

Looking back at his own journey over the last 15 years Galvez realizes that patience has been the key in keeping him grounded.

“I was trying to figure out what I had to do and who I had to meet to make things happen,” he said. “Now I realize that things just take time and I had to just learn from some mistakes and decisions I made to get where I am now.”

While The Whooligan plans to continue to grow as an artist and businessman, his central focuses remains on continuously learning, and using music to spread peace and positivity around the world.


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Written by Thomas Agnew