Mac Miller: A K.I.D.S. Journey

What a difference a year can make–from packing all ages shows in your hometown to being added to highly anticipated national tours. This is the new life of Mac Miller. You may have seen his mixtapes and video series saturating your favorite blogs, or maybe you were lucky enough to hear him on Toca Tuesday’s with Tony Touch or Shade 45 with Statik Selektah. Whatever it was, expect to see more of him in the near future. I got a chance to sit with the most recent Rostrum Records signee and Most Dope representative to talk about all of this recent growth he’s been experiencing.

You’ve been a busy dude since we last featured you. How have you been taking in all the good fortune you’ve been receiving lately?

It’s been awesome. It’s wild thinking about the last time I’ve been in JENESIS til now. And how much different it is now. I’ve really just been taking it as a blessing and keep working. I’ve done a lot since last year but I’m planning on doing so much more. It’s kind of just like starting everything off and seeing that the ball is rolling. I guess that’s the analogy.

What do you credit to the sudden jump in your career?

See it WAS a sudden jump, however, it wasn’t necessarily a sudden jump. I was working on this mixtape super hard. And all the music we were making for it I was like “man this music is crazy” we all knew it was crazy and we knew something was going to happen. We just didn’t know what was going to happen. When we put it out everything just kind of went wild. The order of how things were was real nice. We dropped the first video it did ok. Second video dropped and it did good. Got signed to Rostrum and that got shit buzzin more. Another video drop and then the tape dropped.  So we had so much like boom boom boom; it just took things to the next level.

It seems like since the drop of your successful mixtape KIDS you’ve been moving non-stop. How have you prepared yourself for your heavy schedule?

It’s kind of like something you have to learn as you go. It’s hard to prepare for what’s to come. I’ve talked to Wiz and tried to figure out how to get my stuff together. Cause this man has got things down to a science. Just like the other day I was in the airport, I almost missed my flight [laughs]. I have a team of people that has their heads on straight and it’s been good for me to make sure I don’t do any screwing up.

You recently appeared in NYC for a bit working with Statick Seleckta, Termanology, appeared on Toca Tuesdays with Tony Touch, and I’m sure other things. How was that experience?

That was awesome. That was great. I’ve been to NY before. It’s not like it was my first time to NY. But going to NY and seeing I had a full schedule of things to do was wild. Cause I’ve gone to NY before like “Yeah man I’m grinding with music so I’m going to NY.” And you go to NY like” I’m here!” and there’s nothing to do (laughs). Going up there and going to Shade 45, working with Statik, working with Term, and I met up with Smoke DZA. We did a jam. Just networking and meeting people and seeing people that really know who I am now. It’s wild. I listened to Term back in the day. When I went Rock The Bells in Columbia, and to go back stage and have 9th Wonder be like “Yooo What’s Up!” I’m like YOU ARE 9TH WONDER WHY ARE YOU COMING AT ME LIKE THAT (laughs). I used to download his beat tapes and that’s all the beats I would spit on. And I would think if I had 9th beats to rap over it would be all gravy. Now I’m about to get some 9th Wonder beats. It’s just crazy to me.

Let’s talk about the new tour. You’ll be on the Smokers Club Tour with Curren$y & Big K.R.I.T. How does it feel to be involved with these national tours you’ve been offered to join?

It’s been super tight. The SCT I’m only going on a few dates of that cause it was real late that I got involved with it. I’ma be on a bunch of shows with that. It’s coming to Pittsburgh and that shit’s gonna be awesome. Boaz is also gonna be on a bunch of shows too. It’s tight seeing that I have the opportunities to jump on shows and then I’m getting hit up to get my own tour. I really have a good amount of shows I’m headlining. I’ve performed at The Shadow Lounge and Z-Lounge so many times and it’s fun. But when ppl start hitting you up to go other places it’s like I think about a year ago when I was asking people like “Yo just let me come up and perform, I’ll do it for free, I don’t care just let me do it.” Now that I’m making money off of it it’s a dream come true.

How will you handle your first major tour groupie experience?

Well, since I’m currently in a relationship there will be no funny stuff (laughs). No funny stuff going on. I’m just gonna have fun with it. Nothing is too serious. Groupie things are funny. Groupie girls are wild. I didn’t think they could actually exist. I thought they were a rumor. The whole thing like “Yo once you do shows all the groupies are crazy” and everyone is talking about groupies and I’m think yeah just girls you gotta go spit game on. But then I went to Cleveland and girls were trying to force their selves upon me and I’m thinking “Damn If I don’t do something I’ma get raped” (laughs). The girls will getcha, they’ll getcha.

What will be the first song you introduce yourself to the tour masses with?

I don’t know. When I went to Cleveland, I came out and I was thinking usually when I go out to do these shows I have to show people who I am. But when I did the Cleveland show people knew every word to every song. Had their thumbs up. It was crazy. As long as I do songs off KIDS. It’s hard to pick that one song. I feel like the great thing about KIDS is that it did a good job of representing who I am as a whole artist. I feel like with KIDS when I’m out on these tours will be a great representation to give people an idea of who I am.

Any last words?

I would say shout out to everyone in Pittsburgh doing it. Shout out to Rostrum, ID Labs, Most Dope, all the Taylor Gang dudes, all of everybody that’s ever supported on the come up and still supporting and not mad at me for doing what I do. And shout out JENESIS obviously. I still have my I Support JENESIS shirt  [laughs].

Written by Thomas Agnew