NAILgasm: Not Your Average Manicure.

Article by Melissa Blythe

Ladies, our French Manicure days are history. You probably even thought you were on top of your nail game and making a statement with those polished stiletto nails, huh? Well prepare to be amazed as the NAILgasm Documentary expresses the true craft of Nail Art. Nail Art is no longer about picking out the perfect polish, it's about everything from applying real money to 3D add ons.

NAILgasm also enlightens us on the stereotypes that come with being a nail designer; People walk into a salon and are astonished when the entire working crew's homeland isn't Asia. After you have completed watching NAILgasm you will understand that there is much more to Nail Art than “getting yo nails did”, it's a true craft and the artist behind it are just as passionate about their work as any other artist would be. 

Posted below is the trailer for The NAILgasm Documentary. After you view the trailer navigate to so you can watch the full film!

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