[Feature] Pac Div

When you were a kid, did you ever dream about being president?  Dreams can become a reality, but more times than not we allow ourselves to be discouraged when we focus on the end result rather than the baby steps.  Maybe you should try being like LA rap group Pac Div – run for ‘Mayor’!

Yes, Pac Div is signed to Universal Motown.  Yes, they’ve collaborated with Pharrell Williams for their label debut “Grown Kid Syndrome”.  Yes, they’ve toured with Kid Cudi and Asher Roth.  Pac Div is on their way to accomplishing great things in the music industry, but it wasn’t long ago that they were ordinary, just like you and I.

In 2009, Pac Div released a free online mixtape titled “Church League Champions”.  Highly revered by many, the group intended for this mixtape to champion the ‘little guy’.   Pac Div describes the mixtape’s theme as “a metaphor for all the ‘underdogs’ in life-relating to anyone who’s on the unnoticed come-up”.  Though Pac Div is signed to a major label, they feel like there is a lot more to be accomplished.

For now, Pac Div is content with being ‘Mayor’.  But don’t expect them to revel in their current success for too long – the oval office is their ultimate goal.

While in California on a business trip, Thomas Agnew had a chance to meet up with Pac Div to talk about the group’s past projects, current successes and future plans.  It’s field trip time kids so get your permission slips signed and bring a packed lunch fore we are Pacific Division bound.

You went from dropping your own online mixtape, which built a heavy buzz, to having a critically acclaimed mixtape and having videos debut on MTV and BET. How have you dealt with the transitions?

Mibbs: We’ve dealt with it pretty well, we keep everything in house. We’re all together; we don’t let anything give us big heads. We already know there is a lot of work to be done. We love the fact that we can be seen on a worldwide landscape. At the same time there is a lot more work to be done. And it’s doing a good job for the West. It’s letting people know that there some good stuff in the West.

When you’ve worked on your projects, do you think about having to make the next one better than your previous?

Like: Always, it’s just the nature of any artist in any field that you do. Whether it’s music, drawing, or any type of expression. You know you always want to challenge what you previously did.  It just comes with the growth process of us as people. When you grow you produce better shit it’s just the law. We made sure this time around that “Don’t Mention It” was a more seasoned project, with all original songs, us in its entirety. It just shows our growth

Mayor is definitely a fan favorite, how did you come up with the concept for that track?

Mibbs: Man I was listening to a lot of NWA, Dopeman the Ice Cube shit. And I just felt that vibe. I had the idea, Swift came and made the beat, and it was just magic.

Pac Div has major label backing for Grown Kid Syndrome. Have there been any added pressures from the label finishing the album?

BeYoung: We don’t like to let ourselves to get pressured by anything. We like to make sure we keep that natural element.  Even if we have deadlines, we are aware of them but we don’t let that pressure get to us.  We just do what we do regardless. We do what we do first and then we take it to the label.  That’s just the muscle.

What should your listeners look forward to upon hearing Grown Kid Syndrome?

Like: To expect the unexpected. Honesty, intergrity, and fun.

Mibbs: And good music overall. Beats and Raps

For listeners who haven’t heard to much about you, what should they be ready for?

Mibbs:  Just like we said expect the unexpected with us. We’re always challenging ourselves just like listeners are challenging there selves to listen to new shit. Roll With Us!

Written by Thomas Agnew