The People Have To Wait No Longer As Money Makin Nique Delivers #BringMoneyWitchu


It’s here and it’s an art of work. “Bring Money Witchu” has been a long long long awaited project that has probably had one of the most extended promotional periods that we understood would be worth the wait. Nique teased us with exceptional visuals including lovely exotic dancers, extended music video plays, and #BringMoneyWitchu quote posters. But on to the music. The project is set up like a mixtape but with less promotional talkover and stand outs like “Try It Again,” “Apple Head,” and “Don’t Waste Time” shows the versatility Nique can deliver. Bring Money Witchu does leave you open wondering if this is a preview to something larger as if they were displaying their fire power for a greater purpose. Nevertheless, it’s on repeat and will be for a while.

Written by Thomas Agnew