PK Delay Talks Impact Of His “dad” Movement In 2016

Photo by Sarah Bader

Last year in Pittsburgh, artist started to smarten up and work on strengthening long lasting branding that could live potentially past their careers. While Hardo had the city embracing his “TRAP” movement, PK Delay‘s “dad” branding surfaced and drew a large response with his music, merchandising, and people bought into the experience every chance they could. We pulled together a question/answer response about the impact this made on PK in 2016.

You had one of the best artist brands with “dad” Talk about your preparation for release of the music and merch together…

PK: The preparation was right on time. I had been plotting on a “dad” project because I was really on my dad shit. The music was pieced together with the merchandise at the right time. I was making the dad music and I was already working on the merch as well. I was tired of doing the regular t-shirt approach with my merchandise so I switched to hats. The dad style hat was the perfect choice. I was already wearing the dad hat so I said to myself I might as well just make my own hats.

Did you expect the response to be what it was when it came to equally supporting the music, events, and merch?

PK: I expected the response that I got but I didn’t think it would get as big as it did. People loved the hats and everything blended together so they had to come enjoy the full experience. People wanted to get the colorful hats, meet the dad and figure out what the pears were about. Every event associated with the dad brand was positive and fun just like the music. I plotted on this release for months ahead so everything was already mapped out. I knew what I was getting into.

What impact did it have on you as an artist and how you want to deliver your creations to your supporters?

PK: This impacted me greatly because I see people still want to come find out about PK Delay during whatever phase he is going through. People adapt to my music well. It showed me that my core following holds up very strong and people believe in what I have going on. I want to give the people whatever I create without worrying if they will except it or not. The people that support me are great and open minded. I have some of the most honest fans and friends. It goes a long way. I want them to come on the journey with me. Artist that can do that are always my favorite. I want to be one of those artist and I’m just thankful to keep going. I won’t stop and they respect me for that. In return, I give them something that can help them through the day or feel good even if it’s for 3 minutes.

Watch the visual for “Look @ Me”

Written by Thomas Agnew