Privé in Detail with Designer Ryan Grant

Linking up with owner & designer Ryan Grant of Privé was nothing less than a pleasure. Ryan speaks and represents  Privé  in a manner that truly reflects everything he wishes it to represent, excellence being the bare minimum. Privé uses authentic and luxurious materials to create street wear shapes. As Mr. Grant says himself  “this isn’t your run of the mill brand for our average aged designer, this brand was created to compete with the heavy budgets of the huge fashion houses with the mind of one guys timeless pursuit for perfection.”

As the owner and creator of Privé can you tell our readers the process you have endured to prepare yourself and brand for the official launch?
This line has always been a dream of mine a high end brand for our age demographic, something that encompassed the detail and quality of luxury brands we have always ran to and my personal love and admiration for dark street style. This process started over 9 months ago meeting with manufacturers, seamstress, fabric stores domestically and internationally, buyers and etc. to ensure that when released it would speak to the true quality and detail in design I had always aimed for. I have truly gone through a self altering change through the process of creating this line, Branding was my biggest task not only branding the brand but the man himself. The designer in my eyes must reflect the brand he creates its not the garment you are necessarily selling its the lifestyle those who wear it want to portray, one of quality and exclusivity in market. Privé means Private in French it is everything this brand will represent more than just another fashion brand but an entity and experience to customers (something I feel as though many brands have forgotten, to sell the experience in the brand not just the garment) through private events, pop up shops, private customer appreciation shows and pre-collection previews. I have always had a vision of youth crafting the luxury for the youth and that is exactly what this brand will represent. At Privé Excellence is the bare minimum.

For the past 9 months you have been planning this launch? Were there ever times along the way that you felt discouraged? If so how did you rise above it?
I feel as though each collection should be a representation of the designer my past work was bright, colorful, and a bit more baggy in design, through the process of crafting this collection I went through a lot of down times, alone times, times when I questioned myself as a designer and in return you see it reflected in the dark nature of the pieces. The person I used to be was the one that needed to scream every accolade these days I understand that this isn’t a fad but a career and I respect and treat it as so.

You’re based out of Texas which isn’t exactly know for it’s fashion industry, how did you work past this? Did your location ever slow you down? Do you travel for work?
This is my greatest obstacle but my greatest advantage I feel like over a lot of other up and coming designers, I come from a place where no one is doing clothing to the level I’m aiming and molding myself towards. So when people reach out its always like “Oh your from Texas??? That’s dope and rare.” In this industry to build a brand means travel is next to design. The Internet is a POWERFUL tool these days but nothing beats someone seeing your garment and meeting the personality behind the design in person.. “the face to face meeting will always reign supreme”.

What strategies have you been using to reach out to people and get them aware & interested in Privé?
I have spent countless hours reaching out to stylist, contacting magazines, and sending out garments to influential people in fashion, music, and entertainment.

Would you consider your targeted consumers to be influential people in music, entertainment, and fashion?
I would consider my targeted consumer to be anyone will a love for detail in design and the timeless pursuit for quality, this isn’t your run of the mill brand for our average aged designer this brand was created to compete with the heavy budgets of the huge fashion houses with the mind of one guys timeless pursuit for perfection.

Privé‘s prices range from $125 to $540 per garment. Tell us why Privé is worth this amount of money.
was crafted on the motto Excellence is the bare minimum, every piece was crafted by hand using the finest textures, hides, and silhouettes to ensure not only functionality but detail in design.  Privé isn’t a brand based on price but longevity in design.

At Privé Excellence is the bare minimum. What is perfection on your terms?
Perfection is the never ending pursuit to create the timeless in a world of trends, Perfection is exactly what we strive for with every crafted garment a mix between design functionality and the aesthetic nature of each piece… Perfection is the bare minimum in all we do.

It’s been 2 weeks since your official website launch & release of your first collection, Holy Water. I know French Montana was spotted wearing the Royal Blue Motto Jacket. How are you feeling as the designer & owner now that everything you put your efforts into for 9 months are producing the results you wanted?
It is an amazing feeling. French just happened to want a personal meeting in Houston to see the garments in person and we just connected from there, its crazy because in the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a lot of celebs in the garments so that was a great start. I’m learning that as a designer its about the connection with the consumer that builds a brand. Celebs are cool but it’s the average day people that I value the most, they are who will determine a brands longevity. It is just a surreal and humbling feeling to finally have the world appreciate everything you saw daily with your eyes closed (dreams).

Your next capsule will be dropping December 15th. Without giving it all away, what can we be expecting from that collection?
Griselda Blanco…lol you figure the rest.

Griselda Blanco the cocaine Godmother??


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