[Read In Full] JENESIS July 2014 Issue Featuring Devin Miles


Carrying the torch of being up next can sometimes cripple an individual. We’re glad that hasn’t been the case with Devin Miles. 2011 was his first appearance on JENESIS with “Fire Flame” and what stuck out to us wasn’t how good he was when we checked out his first project, Finding My Own, but it was how he paid attention to his presentation and quality.  3 years later, those attributes have helped him get notice from many such as T.I., Sway, Fuse TV, and the many fans that boost each of his new releases to new heights.

We’re proud to present Devin Miles as our cover feature in our 57th issue that also features Emilio Rojas, Jesse Boykins III, DJ Speakerfoxxx, Earthgang, Kehlani, Bill, Gianni Lee, and Senor Sisig.

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Written by Thomas Agnew