Reasons Why Cam’Ron Is The Sh*t & Christmas W/ Cam’Ron Playlist

Cam’ron was one of the most loved, hated and influential artist of the late 90’s well into the mid 2000’s. Despite what anyone may say or feel Cam has damn near done it all. He is still making album appearances with some of raps most popular artists today like Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa. He never needed to demand respect and homage from younger folks because like Bun B, Snoop and Juicy J, Cam is one of the vets that gets respect off GP. Here are a few reasons why Cam’ron is the shit:

1. Bill O’Reilley Interview – One great day in November of 2003 Fox News Host Bill O’Reilley decided to lable Cam’ron as a gangster rapper and blame him for troubled youth. The interview resulted in the creation ever popular phrase “You Mad” which is classic and will never get old. Check it out.

2. Pink – Cam’ron made men wearing the color pink acceptable in hip hop culture. He didn’t stop at just wearing a pink polo. There were pink mink coats, cell phones and a damn Range Rover. He started a trend and like every trend people went wild with it. I recall being in a party in high school and seeing a kid with pink head-to-toe from the du-rag to his pink airbrushed timbs. Cam claimed it in his this line “Glare and think how I got the whole New York wearing pink”.

3. Dipset – Cam is the co-founder of Diplomat Records and the rap group Dipset. After his solo career he formed a group This wasn’t just any ole rap clique in the early 2000’s, Dipset had a movement and a cult following. The groups’original members Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zeeky were signed to Roc-a-Fella records in 2001 an era that was amazing for the lable. From then other lables and groups like Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang and Freekey Zeekey’s 730 Dips. Other members stemmed from the groups and had successful solo mixtapes. Just listen to the Diplomatic Immunity album for any other explanations.

4. Paid in Full – This movie is a classic come up story set in Harlem, NY and will be one of those films that be quoted forever by anyone. One of the most memorable characters was Rico played by Cam’ron. Rico’s character gave zero fucks about anythin beside getting money and being flashy. Not many rappers can pull off the acting thing but Cam did it and for what it’s worth he won a 2003 Source Award for best rapper in a film.

5. Wordplay – Cam’ron is like the Dr. Suess of rap. He’s one of those guys that makes up words that just sound good so you don’t object. Cam is known for lines like “I get the boosters boostin, I get computers ‘putin” and “Drinking Sake on a Suzuki, we in Osaka Bay,playing soccer stupid stay in a sucker’s place.” See, it only has to make a little bit of sense to sound cool.

Christmas With Cam’Ron Spotify Playlist:

Written by Thomas Agnew