[Review] Roc Marciano: Reloaded

By Matt Brown

When you come with production from some of hip-hop’s biggest names, you’re sure to have put together a project that fans can’t wait to hear. Beats from Q-Tip and The Alchemist are just a part of what fans have to look forward to on Roc Marciano’s second album entitled Reloaded which dropped on November 13th. Roc Marci also adds his own production value to his joint, producing nine of the album’s fifteen tracks. Following the success of his debut album, Marcberg, Roc Marciano looks to keep his buzz growing among hip-hop heads.

The Long Island emcee takes a host of classic hip-hop and old school inspired beats and graces them with stories that reflect the griminess of the streets. The Alchemist produced track, Pistolier paints raw pictures prompted by street life and the stories that come from it. Roc Marciano also brings a groovy and soulful sound to Reloaded in songs like Thread Count, Deeper, and Nine Spray. These easy listening beats are accented with deep stories of violence and struggle.

Roc Marciano’s lyrical capabilities make Reloaded an album that will draw listeners in and keep them glued until the very end. Not only does he come gruesome street tales, but he also shows off intricate flows through flashy verses. Roc Marci prides himself of not only spitting his rhymes, but also allowing listeners to put themselves in the experiences where these songs were crafted.

Deviating from most hip-hop albums that surface today, Roc Marciano looks to avoid the same generic sound that most artists have resorted to. The album is free of mind-numbing dance tracks and songs that don’t say anything worth listening to. Instead, Roc Marciano chooses to pack songs with heavy imagery and concepts reflecting the likes of artists such as Nas and early Jay-Z. Songs like We Ill and Flash Gordon are just a couple examples of songs that take the reflective route.

Although he is not a newcomer to the game, Roc Marciano constantly strives to create a fresh name for himself in hip-hop as a rapper and producer. In what can be considered as one of the year’s most solid projects, Reloaded solidifies Roc Marciano’s name among the hungriest of artists. Hip-hop is a culture deeply rooted in its stories and Roc Marci does not fail in letting fans know the roots from which he rose from.

Reloaded Tracklist:
1. Tek To A Mack
2. Flash Gordon
3. Not Told feat, Knowledge The Pirate & Ka
4. Pistolier
5. Thug’s Prayer Part 2
6. 76
7. We Ill
8. Deeper
9. Death Parade
10. 20 Guns
11. Peru
12. Thread Count
13. Nine Spray feat. Ka
14. Emeralds
15. The Man

Written by Thomas Agnew