[Lifestyle] Single Girls Want Sex Too

Article by Melissa Blythe

Being single rules. Right? Because being single equals freedom. Singles are free to party all they want, flirt, date, have wild night outs with their crew, and they can do it all without having to worry about their better half chewing their head off for it. Being single can also really suck though. With being single there are no special date nights, no cuddling or pillow talk, no Valentines Day gifts, or back rubs, or surprises, or late night phone calls, none of that cute stuff. Oh yeah, and there is a good chance there is no sex. I am not one of those single girls who sees another couple and wishes to have their relationship and happiness. Relationships just aren't for everyone, for whatever the reason may be at the time. The thing I do envy about relationships is the sex. I know that there is no sex like the sex you have with someone you love like and have feelings for. So not only are these couples having hot and steamy yet passionate sex, but then there is the amount of sex these couples are having; There is morning sex, make up sex, shower sex, just because sex, so much sex! So not fair. Sex is a natural thing to desire; We shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed of our wants and needs. And just because we're single ladies doesn't mean we should have to suppress our sexual appetites. That doesn't even sound healthy to me. So our dilemma is: How does the single girl who wants to remain single have her cake while he eats it too? Here's what I've got for us ladies…

**The Ex Factor**

Ugh, gag me. Just the thought of getting together with one of my previous' is cringing. I don't approve of this method. I'm a tough lover, I think people need to move the fuck on from their ex's. The rekindling and the continuous break ups are so not cute. I'd rather sew myself up than try the ex factor. Then again, I have definitely gotten together with one of my former partners just for the hell of it while I was single. It wasn't all regrettable at the time but looking back, it just starts another cycle. I feel as if the ex factor is the easy road to take. There is already a failed relationship there, you are comfortable with the person, it all comes too easy for me. But nonetheless, there is always the ex factor method to take.

**Friends with Benefits**

This method could possibly be your best bet. If you have a friend that you think is attractive and you could possibly see yourself being partners with, then you have to approach the situation and propose the idea in an appropriate manner. You do not want to start discussing your idea at a party 3 Cosmos deep and slurring your words. Keep it classy and demand respect from the get go. Worried he will turn you down? Just speak cool, calm and collected. Don't throw yourself at him, or anyone, ever. That way if he does say no there will be no awkward tensions. Another factor in FWB is monogamy. Are you limited to each other? Communication is going to be a big part of FWB so make sure you choose your partner wisely.

**Behind the Screen**

Two of the greatest inventions in technology make finding your next partner much easier; The iPhone and the internet offer more tools than you can imagine to help assist with your search. Approaching your potential partner online gives you the chance to really make yourself clear and explain exactly what you're wanting out of this ordeal. Instagram even wants us to get laid, it now features a 'radar” setting which shows everyone within a certain distance of us. If you plan to put this method to use my advice to you would to just scope people out, get to casually chatting, see if there is some type of chemistry. You definitely don't want to go with someone you have nothing in common with which would just result in “dry” sex, not fun!


Do it yourself. It might not be the most favorable method but sometimes in the end getting the job done is all that matters and sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I recommend shopping for toys to make this experience a remarkable one.

So there we have it single ladies, we can go back to our ex's, hit up a friend for some action, scope out a partner online or take matters into our own hands (no pun intended). Would you like to add anything to this list or give some feedback? Comment below or tweet me!

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