SSUR – Cozy in Streetwear & Sending Messages in Style

Article by Melissa Blythe @Melissa_Blythe

We’re in the midst of hoodie season and SSUR has us covered—liter

ally. The New York based brand started as the owner Ruslan Karablin, would sign his name in reverse onto his art canvases, “SSUR”. From there Russ started to promote his art work more by printing the name onto T-Shirts & Hats. SSUR then gradually evolved into what it is today. The brand has a way of taking iconic symbols, scripts and logos and adding their own mark to them, making it their own. SSUR offers a selection of everything from but not limited to, T-Shirts, Crewnecks, Hoodies, Beanies, Raw Denim, etc. The Brand also has a very affordable price range and could practically be considered your go to destination this season for keeping it cozy in streetwear while still getting your message across in style. Shop SSUR HERE. @SSUR69

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