[Straight From…] Arima Ederra Speaks On Making “Earth To Arima”

Arima Ederra is a beautiful songstress that has blessed JENESIS Magazine with the opportunity to team up with her for the release of her project “Earth To Arima” which we might say will put her on a lot of people’s radars in 2013. Below she breaks down the making of ETA and her 3 favorite tracks she worked on.

Earth To Arima is earth to your soul! This project means everything to me, it’s the first time I’ve felt free and able to create freely. I’ve changed a lot within the past few years and ETA is a reflection of my Arima(soul) being awakened. It’s me on a whole new frequency; chill wave. From love, to life and life’s experiences. I’ve been able to express my perception on a lot of things that have inspired be throughout life. Most importantly it is flushed with feelings. Real feelings, real emotions, real time. What i’ve learned and what I’ve come to teach. I hope to create a fraction of the inspiration that I’ve manifested in the making of this project. Love~

I love every single single song on the project, each one has a different feeling but if I HAD to pick 3 songs they would be Characteristics of An Aquarian, Marianas Trench, and Lovers Lane.
Characteristics of an Aquarian– CHARACTERISTICS OF 3 HUNDRED YEARS OBTAINED….the first line of the song. This song is extremely powerful in so many ways. From the earth like production, to the lyrics, I love every minute of it. The song is basically stating characteristics of myself, and the powers of a water barrier Goddess. It’s about us ascending into a new era; “The Age Of The Aquarius” I’ve been learning about this for some time now and I felt the time was appropriate. One of my good friends Cam did the beat and he most def created a masterpiece. I hope listeners can learn from it, as well as BOUNCE to it! It’s a good vibe.
Marianas Trench– This song is my favorite track on the project, it’s the most personal to me and I felt really connected to it. Marianas Trench is the DEEPEST, coldest, darkest part of the Pacific ocean east of the Mariana islands. I’ve been a daddy’s girl my whole life so when he left earth, I felt at my deepest, darkest, coldest point in life. The song is pure emotions, and exactly how I was feeling at the time….the production on it was perfect. Dead702 did his thing with the beat, it’s exactly how I felt at that exact moment.
Lovers Lane- Ahhh Lovers Lane! Lovers lane is a place of peace, a place of awareness and love. I guess it’s the place I go to when I look for peace of mind. “A place that you speak and feel and don’t fear what you’re not, eliminate/untie negative knots and begin to paint a picture of your thoughts”. I love the production on this song as well! Al B Smoov is the smoothest cat you will ever meet. He KILLED the beat, the sample is of a dope hip hop artist/producer that will catch a lot of people. The feature itself is crazy; from a very talented young emcee from LA I can’t wait for people to hear. Love love to my Dirty Legends family, lovers lane lovers lane!
It’s not that these are my favorite songs because every song is equally important to me, but these songs def stick out to me! Hope you all enjoy “Earth To Arima” thank you so much for listening, peace.

Make sure to check out Questions feat Blu by Arima Ederra below:

Written by Thomas Agnew