[Straight From…] Primavera Vills Speaks On Making “Shorthand Legend” + “Happy Birthday, Brooklyn” Beat Tape

Shorthand Legend was a project I’ve been working on since late 2009 with some insight and life stories mixed with metaphors to events I can relate to, but I’m a major critic of my own work. There are many other verses/songs I wrote for the project that didn’t make it because I didn’t like the verses after a while…that’s why it took so long to come out. I was always known to write crazy shit since people started to read my “notes” in classes at Schenley, and I would write complex stories that made perfect sense to me, but difficult to decode the meaning to somebody who has no clue [I also write slightly shorthand/calligraphy in my notebook]. I mostly talk in metaphors already, so I try to keep everything I say fresh. Like Doug Funnie with his journal, but way more trayb to the umpteenth. I had some beautiful production from StewRat and PLAN [both producers I met thru Niketalk] and Pittsburgh heavy hitters and fellow 58’s producers P. Fish and Big Jerm to make the project soulful.

Although every song on the tape has a personal connection with me, I think my favorite song would have to be “Box Car Music“. I first heard the beat on a video on You Tube that Espo shot [Shorthand Films is a holy coincidence….fuckin’ Espo haha]. Ghosty showed it to me as a matter of fact. I listened/watch the video maybe 32 times straight under the influence of the purple grandfather, and I was just amazed at how funky P. Fish flipped that sample. I got my notebook and started writing to it in my living room walking in circles, imagining I was doing donuts in a car while hot boxing. Then I started to recall memories of how good it was to be young in my dad’s rusty, orange Caprice Classic, so I made the song relate to events in my life that I could compare to the feeling of a ride in a box car. Either definition.

Click Click” is another favorite. That damn bass line from Sid Roams had me hypnotized instantly, and I wanted to bring back the JFK alter ego [Jimmy Fuckin’ Kong The Villain] with the concept of a mind blown experience. The second gunman on the Grassy Knoll. Brains all on the wife. Lies are devised to compromise your eyesight. Yup. I want people to explore their minds, no matter how one may look at you, no matter what anybody has to say about your process, no matter what.

A fun song to make was “Some Trayb“, basically putting the infamous word out there for people to recognize. I created the word in 2006 when my nephew was 2 years old; his speech was still baby like, and he pronounced “crazy” like “chrayzee”. I brought the word up to Cal U and threw a “b” in there just because I felt like it, and eventually dropped the “zee” with the help of Ghosty, Spoon, and Clay. The word caught on with people when they listened to us use it from the context we used it in, and it slowly became a staple of the slang we began to create. StewRat is a brilliant producer, and his sound fits with so many situations that are compatible with my life, and when I first heard the hook of the song, I automatically knew this would be the first installment of the trayb franchise that would soon be known to a larger audience. The thing about the word is that sometimes it’s misunderstood, and thought to be defined primarily as being a whore, or nasty, or what have you, but trayb is just anything out of what most would call or know as ordinary….mostly haha. This life of mine is a direct definition, and I’m going to keep living until I can’t live anymore. Anti-Flu Anniversary coming soon.

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Plus: “Happy Birthday Brooklyn” Beat Tape – Download Here

Written by Thomas Agnew