[Straight From…] Young Scolla Speaks On Making “Seconds Away”

Young Scolla is a man on a mission. With countless releases, videos, shows all over the map, Scolla’s consistency is unmatched at the stage he’s in. And connecting with the ever building SMKA, Atlanta’s hottest upcoming production group, they started on a path that started with Kickstarter which provided funding for videos, production, mixing & mastering. And the end product is Seconds Away which serves as Scolla’s debut and will for surely bring more individuals to know him. Check out what he has to say about 3 tracks he felt important enough to speak on.

Seconds Away is the most up-to-date assessment of where I am musically. This is my debut album and we approached it as such from the production to the lyrics to the marketing, art etc. I always like to tell people when they ask what it will be like sonically is the combination of all my projects prior on steroids. It another chapter in my story.

My songs are like my babies, I love them all for different reasons but if I had to choose 3 standouts from the project they would be, “Reflection”, “Alive”, and “Terrorize”.

Reflection” is really a record of self-honesty. I give you insight into parts of my life that have really effected the person I am today. It is a record of growth.

Alive” is nothing less than a massive record, both sonically and musically. This was one of the first records I recorded for the project and its a joint that makes you feel on top of the world. The Chorus is big and the production is even bigger. Its really Motivation-Music.

Terrorize” is the current single from “Seconds Away”. I love this joint because its such a fun record. This is the joint you put on as you’re riding out into the city with your friends to find something to get into for the night. It’s that record that gets your energy up and has you ready to well, “Terrorize The Night”! “Seconds Away” has something for everybody and I think these three records show its range in sound.

Written by Thomas Agnew