[Style] Talking R H U D E with Owner & Designer Rhuigi Villasenor

Chances are you’ve seen R H U D E garments being worn by some of your favorite rappers. The brand is based out of Los Angeles, CA and it’s designs are inspired by subcultures and gangs. The owner and designer of R H U D E, Rhuigi Villasenor values the connection and loyalty they hold for each other. He also has a strong awareness in today’s culture and political issues so this is his way of channeling his opinions.

Rhuigi Villasenor Owner & Designer of R H U D E

How does it feel as a designer to see your pieces being worn by artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Rockie Fresh, Tyga and more?
Well it doesn’t hurt that they’re friends of mine, but definitely was a great feeling to see a WestSide brother (Kendrick) win lyricist of the year in my garment. You know what that means?!? Those photos will forever be floating around the world! I think that’s pretty gnarly.

How do you stay grounded and humble through your success?
I try not to hype my own self up. Before I used to get a little too excited, but now I see it as my job. You have to work hard, be consistent, and progress. I don’t want it to ever end.

Whats next for  R H U D E?
Everything. Landed a wonderful chance now 2013 collection is looking very solid. So new technology, innovative ideas, and plenty more…of course my usual homage to the WestCoast culture.

Your sister is a jewelry designer right? Are you two planning any collaborations?
Yes she is! Well my sister and I are two different companies, but when all is reached, we’ll go back and start our initial plan which is RHU + RHO.

I have so say that your personal style and taste is on point, do you have any go-to spots to shop?
Thank you thank you, you’re the sweetest! We’ll I’ve been on an accessories spree recently! I really don’t know, I’m a bit all over the place. But I will tell you I made a Chanel purchase last week =]

 Being a young designer with this much success and much more to come I’m sure our readers are wondering how to get on your level. Any words of wisdom to share with them?
Be honest with yourself. Understand who you are and capitalize on what you’re really skilled at, not what you wish to be. Utilize the internet, you never know who’s watching so be at you’re best at all times!

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