The Friend Zone: A Female’s Point Of View

By Charne Graham

The friend zone is inevitably a position that no one wants to be in if they like someone. Some poor things stick around the person that friend zoned them, fighting feelings and even sexual urges. It’s not impossible to keep attractive friends of the opposite sex but if you secretly call your friend “boo” behind their back and not to their face then you might be in the friend zone. There are different stages of a friend zone some of them work out and others not so much.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to tell if you’re in this spot:

We Just Met:
Maybe you two have mutual friends or you always run into each other at parties. Mutual physical attraction may or may not be there. The early stage is the most awkward of the friend zone because you don’t want to be corny and you surely don’t want to be so aggressive that you come off as a creep. In most cases, women know off top whether or not they would bone a guy and her close friends will know too. “I told my girls you can get it” -Beyonce. It’s best for guys and gals to play it smooth as possible in this stage.

We’re just F*ckin:
Keep it at that so there’s no confusion. No cheese eggs, no cuddling/pillow talk and definitely no public affection. Have a talk about how you’re just “looking to have fun” so no one thinks it’s more than that. All communication shall be done via text and only after 10 PM. Now if one of you gets sprung that’s your bad.

Friends With Benefits:
In order for this to work you better be damn good friends. Like that one homie of the opposite sex that’s so honest you know all about who he/she has smashed and why it never worked. The family may also know and love you too.This stage is a little tricky because it may work but you can no longer express your emotions the way you used to. You have to keep a nonchalant attitude about a lot of things and still be a great understanding friend. To be down for this you must be one tough, smart and horny cookie. “Plus I’m fuckin, bitches ain’t my homegirls now.” -Notorious BIG

Taking an L: This is a sucky spot for anyone that has a friend they really like. Nine times out of ten you’re just a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. Women hate this spot as much as guys do. It’s not always fun listening to relationship problems of someone you have feelings for. You may seem like an asshole but if you really like this person get out while you can. Keep shit cordial but don’t waste your time.

Written by Thomas Agnew