[Thoughts of A Savage] The Microwave Generation: I Want It All Now

The microwave generation is amongst us; “I want it now.” Instant gratification is the first thing that people will ask you nowadays; what happened to the days of working hard and creating baby-steps until you get to wherever you want to go? What happened to the days when working hard and progressing (even at a slow, steady rate) would benefit you in the long run? With the many progressive technological advances to which we have all lived through in the past ten years, we all expect to gain instant gratification with everything. With our iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, etc., we expect to get an answer within a split second and we do not like to wait. We are the “microwave generation.”

This instant gratification phenomenon that we live in, breathe in, eat in, and even sleep in has affected every aspect of our lives. One thing that I learned many years ago was that fast money definitely isn’t the best money. Instant success is not the best means of success. As a musician, rapper, singer, etc., your job is to do your musical craft at your best. Learn from those whom have inspired you and take their lessons of their lives to use within your own. Take your God-given talent to make music and not rush it. Since music is the easiest form of art for all of us to attain now, why do certain artists feel the need to rush a project? I have ran into many artists whom were great at their craft, but wanted to rush and put our their mix tape or album before they could even let its momentum lead up into a grand anticipation.

Never put a release date on something that is not finished. That should be such a simple concept. If you have a release date you would like to obtain, make sure you keep it to yourself. There’s no need in publicizing to the world and your fans about your project if it’s not even finished. If you have certain particular goals that you are working to obtain, you will always jinx yourself by telling people what you “plan to do.” I’ve learned in my own personal experience (even professional) that when I do say something is going to happen to others before it is concrete, it never happens as planned. If you are a publicist, never guarantee a client that you can get them particular placement. You might have the capacity to make that happen for them, but do realize that you always mess up opportunities for others when you tell them or promise them a particular placement before it is even concrete and confirmed.

Instant gratification is something that most (damn near all) people would rather have. But if you had the opportunity to wake up and have a number one album on the Billboard Top 40 out of nowhere with no progression or years of hard work, would you respect it as much? No, you would not. I know that with the technology we have now, we expect everything and everybody to give us instant gratification. But, sometimes you just have to sit back and have a thorough (written) plan of what you want to do over time until you reach your major goal. If you really love something that you are crafted at (music, film, dance, etc.), then you should realize that being a star overnight is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. 15 minutes of fame is just that; you will be forgotten. Can you even name any other songs by Mark Morrison other than “Return of the Mack?” Can you name any other songs by Dem Franchise Boys other than “In My White Tee?” Can you name any other songs by Shop Boyz other than “Party Like A Rockstar?” No, you cannot. All of these songs to which I have named were hits (at their respected times), but are any of these acts still relevant today? Bingo (nope)!

Baby-steps are what matters in the long-run. Any true hustler, entrepreneur, C.E.O., etc., realizes that they must have a written-out plan from the very bottom until they reach the very top. Being MC Killa Tech from Montana with a few regional hits, and expecting to be on the cover of Billboard Magazine within 2 months of releasing your first mixtape is unrealistic. Baby-steps, man….baby-steps. You can always tell a true businessman compared to a small-time hustler. The true businessman works hard to progress everyday to obtain a string of goals over years; a small-time hustler wants to be recognized for their work, not their hustle and ambition. The true businessman loves to see progression in their professional endeavors; the small-time hustler only wants to be recognized.

You can “Google-search” the capital of Iceland, but if you expect that same instant gratification in every element of your life, you are setting yourself up for downfall. The slow, steady climb up the mountain of success with many years of hard work and training to obtain that top spot that you want will humble you more once you finally get what you are deserved. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming; just make sure you have a plan written-down to help you obtain every bullet-point and particular mark on your written plan. Making your dream a reality starts with being patient and taking your time.

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Written by Thomas Agnew