[Treat Yo Self] Treated Crew “TreaTed Album” , “Whip” Video, & Limited Treated Crown Snapback

The Treated Crew has come correct this week. In order below, you can get a listen of their long awaited TreaTed Album, fully produced by Million $ Mano featuring Mic Terror, Gzus Piece, Hollywood Holt, Jon James, Mano, plus a great line up of guest like YP, Sir Michael Rocks, Freddie Gibbs, and more.

They also released a video for “Whip” which features Mic Terror Gzus Piece, Jon James, and Hollywood Holt.

Lastly, Jugrnaut & Starter made a special Satin Treated Crown that can be picked up here. The snapback comes in a special designed box and contains a hardcopy of the TreaTed album.

“TreaTed Album”

Whip Video

Satin Treated Snapback

Written by Thomas Agnew