[Under The Radar] Feature: 1-O.A.K. – Now Is Here

Article by Tip Hicks (@datz_trizzy)

With an organic contralto and a passion for music, Bay area musician 1-O.A.K. teams up with Honor Roll teammate, Trackademicks, to release their EP 2 Player Co-Op: Lovelorn. The sound accumulates jazz mixed with the 80s on top of a southern juke. The 2 Player Co-Op put together six solid tracks of quality music; from the storyline of a sentimental relationship and the retro samples from Go West “Goodbye Girl” and LCD Soundsystem “Someone Great.” “Anyone who’s familiar with the Honor Roll crew knows that our music touches different genres. As far as this project, we wanted to play with various sounds and present a few tricks out of our musical lexicon.”

Notable tracks, such as their first single, “How Soon Is Now” set the stage for the entire vision of the EP. “It’s a monster track,” says 1-OAK, “I took some chances in the recording process and ended up leaving in some beautiful mistakes.” The vibe of “Someone Great” resembles the essence of Florida’s “juke” music and gives me something to dance to. You can check out behind the scenes of Lovelorn and find out what’s next for 1-OAK below.

Name one thing that looks different in the dark than it does in the light?

1-O.A.K.: girl’s house

Describe one of your worst break-ups? 

1-O.A.K.: One day I saw in my girlfriend’s eyes that she wasn’t in love with me anymore. Didn’t ask any questions really, we just said our goodbyes. That was the only breakup worth noting. I don’t love that often.

Why R&B? How do you plan to make people listen to love again?

1-O.A.K.: There’s an abundance of music that doesn’t get filtered to the top of the charts but I think there’s a wave of progressive R&B hitting the game. R&B doesn’t have to be synonymous to love songs or sex songs. You can take the tools and make anything. I think people these days want to hear good music and are savvy enough to seek it out. I just hope eventually my name is mentioned.

Who is your R&B influence and what is your favorite album they released? 

1-O.A.K.: Stevie Wonder, Talking Book. I know every one of his albums note for note, but that record has a somber optimism to it that I relate to.

What’s next for 1-Oak?

1-O.A.K.: I’m in the studio working on my second album. It’s a more laid back in tempo and tone but still funky. Also I’m gigging everywhere I’m welcome with my band the Highrollers. We’re all young serious musicians in our twenties; we play to kill and look good doing it.

Twitter: @1oakAllDay

Written by Thomas Agnew