[Under The Radar] League of Extraordinary G’z: A League of Hustlers


Article by Tip Hicks (@_arealtip)

Coming off of the release of their long awaited debut album, #LeagueShit!, League of Extraordinary G’z (LOEG’z), are more than a reality rap crew, but a set of seven lyrical brothers.

Three mixtapes deep and tons of experience performing, the Austin, TX “super group” bear components similar to Wu-Tang Clan with their diversity, fearless context and extraordinary personalities; this clique will catch you by surprise!

Reggie Coby, Tuk Da Gat, Lowkey, S. Dot, DoWrong, Lil J, and Greezo gained momentum prior to their album release at A3C music festival opening for the trill OG, Bun B, and performing at the Best in Texas show. All you got to do is give LOEG’z the green light and they’ll light the stage on fire with their high-energy stage presence. The Houston Press has described the group as “a goddamn typhoon onstage.”

JENESIS: With so many group members, how do you organize your performances?

Reggie Coby: Whoever is rapping is the focal point and everyone else kind of falls back. I personally enjoy watching my group members.

Tuk Da Gat: There’s been a lot of trial and error too. [laughs] We’ve done a lot of shows and a lot of them have not been that great. Like Reggie said, we watch each other; you can see what works and you go to rehearsal to talk about what doesn’t work.

Reggie Coby: We can have an honest conversation. Of course, we have our moments, but it’s respect at the end of the day. 

#LeagueShit was heavily produced by the multi-talented group member, Reggie Coby, and complete with tracks that cover an extensive range of sound. There’s a touch of class throughout the album when you hear the voice of the group’s late member Esbe Da Bully. In addition, the album includes appearances from Dead Prez, Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ and more.

JENESIS: You stepped away after losing Esbe, how did the group regain their creative flow? Tell me what listeners can expect from #LeagueShit! 

Tuk Da Gat: We basically took a year off of doing music because our brother, Esbe, passed away. It shook us up as people.

Greezo: To be honest, it’s just life. Life goes on, as fucked up as it sounds. He has children; they will need cars when they turn 16 and they got to go to college. This is what he left them…us! We don’t have the luxury to sulk and feel sorry for ourselves; so we worked on this album. We spent time to get it right and now it’s go time! We’re hitting the road to promote #LeagueShit! to continue to spread our word.

Reggie Coby: You’re going to hear a lot of different things. We’ve been working on this for 3-4 years.

Greezo: It’s crazy because this project has songs that were made years ago and also songs made four months ago. It has timeless elements.

Tuk Da Gat: There’s some off the wall shit like ‘Space Kush.’

Reggie Coby: We’re a large group, so we rarely agree on one thing. The songs on #LeagueShit! vary on some trap shit, also something melodic.

Greezo: We got a song with Dead Prez. There are hustle tracks and a few about relationships.


Noteworthy Tracks:

LOEG’z put the ladies on blast and speaks on having a relationship while pushing their music and paper chasing in “Maybe She’s Right.” In their mind, they are grinding to make a better life for themselves and their ladies. But from the female perspective, they are angry because the guys are never there, don’t call when they say and never answers when she calls. The females think the groupies, music and lifestyle come before her…and maybe they are right.

JENESIS journalist Trevor, gave the group a listen. Of their music he said, “They are a lot better than I expected. I’m not usually a group fan, but they all flow together better than most groups I’ve heard. I really like how they are diverse with their lyrics; having serious songs, but still have tracks like “Party at My House” where you can just vibe. I’m big on lyrics, so my favorite track was “Smile,” it had some deep lyrics that make you think.” 

“Space Kush” tells a visual story of an alien avoiding the police while riding dirty; he tosses his astronomic strand out, which lands in the hands of Esbe and Tuk. The duo made a killing on the streets with $1,000 grams and can only score a re-up if they trade for Reggie Coby beats. Even with the most off the wall storyline, I enjoyed conversational rap between the two emcees.

Website: http://www.loegz.com/

Twitter: @LOEGz

Written by Thomas Agnew