[Under The Radar] Profile: Kid Wonder – Beginning to Wonder + “This Is That” Single

Article by Tip @datz_trizzy

First check out the single “This Is That” featuring K.MC

Kid Wonder checks back in with JENESIS Magazine after releasing a group project with Nova. Lately Kid has been focused on his solo project MKULTRA. Today he gives fans the second single “This Is That;” a smooth, chopped & screwed track for you to “do whatever the hell you want to.” Continue reading as Kid Wonder reflects on his favorite albums of the year, his growth as a solo artist, and explains his definition of no days off.

Favorite album released in 2012.

Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange,” he tells great stories; every song is like a different chapter of life for him. Curren$y Stoned Immaculate, both of K.R.I.T.’s tapes, Rick Ross GFID, and DZA’s Rugby Thompson

What do you plan for a day off?

I get online, read articles, watch random videos, or draw whatever ideas that comes to mind. It sharpens my creative edge. Like my friend John from Dijital Noiz says, #NoDaysOff. Whether it be researching, listening to new music, beats, or finding inspiration; I try to educate myself every day.

What’s the best part about making music?

Saying what you want to say, however you want to say it. There are so many thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions that can be felt, that can be said. One way that I can share my journeys, views, and feelings is through my music.

Where have you grown most as an artist?

Really understanding who I am as an artist and what I’m capable of. Be your own inspiration, and make music how you want to make music. You have to understand that there will be people that support you, people that want to destroy you, and people that are just along for the ride.

What can fans expect on the solo project?

They can expect every track to be something they can relate to in some shape or form. Music is a heartbeat that feels different from person to person; whether it is sad or a hype upbeat melody, something in that song will be relatable. I’m just trying to reach out and touch everyone; one song at a time.

Twitter: @KidTheExplorer

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Written by Thomas Agnew