[Under The Radar] Slash Major: Renaissance of the 90’s

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Article by Tip Hicks @datz_trizzy

Surrounded by the beautiful historic monuments from earlier centuries, Slash Major is located in Madrid; Spain´s capital city “where hate is bigger than love and the cockiness is a way of life.” The city is host to a variety of artists of different races and cultures, luxury shopping, and upscale restaurants. The streets are flooded with amazing artwork and fashion trends, and it is not difficult at all to find inspiration.

Slash describes some of the disadvantages of being an international producer as security issues and the lack of face to face communication. “It’s hard to keep the beats safe when you send them overseas. Another issue is the lack of personal communication. You submit beats via email and it’s “cold.” The artist doesn’t receive the feel of exactly how the producer intended.”

Slash is knocking down doors and making his own career. He’s consistently released two albums a year since 2008. Not only is he working on his upcoming album Golden Wave, but Slash is also juggling feature albums and mixtapes with various artists located in Barcelona, Georgia, & Alabama. You can hear more music from Slash Major on JENESIS Magazine’s Under the Radar mixtape.
Read below as Slash Major talks fashion, his upcoming project, and his insight on why he started producing music.

What got you into music & producing beats? What are some of your favorite techniques to use?

I started making music when I was 15; my first influence was Quincy Jones. I started producing beats for local rappers and creating mixtapes. I love every single technique but as I always say I love creating from nothing. I love to compose a beat or an instrumental from the kick to the last instrument, using live instruments

You have a new project, what type of sound can we expect?

Cristian Ortiz from Barcelona and I make up a production group called Blanco Fuji (White Fuji). This project is my first chill wave, French electro composition. I’ve experimented with different types of music in the past but I never tried using these sounds. One of the reasons to create this project is share my art with more people, other listeners that don’t listen to rap

What’s your favorite brand of clothing and why?

Versace because it reminds me of the baroque art inside churches and royal buildings.

What do you think will be the next fashion trend?

Velvet slippers or trench coats; a huge percentage of rappers are coming with big fashion influences France and the UK, where these items has been a huge trend for years and years

I agree, I think velvet slippers are about to be the next popular item. And silk shirts…

Silk shirts and scarves are big trends now. It’s like the Renaissance of the 90´s. Back to when Biggie was rocking Versace silk shirts and sunglasses all day. The big gold rope chains with Mercedes logos and shit

If you had to choose one particular rapper leading the fashion trends right now, who would you pick?

That one is real hard…Kanye West but then again Theophilus London, Trinidad James or Vinny Cha$e got some crazy outfits too

What other producers were your musical influences?

It may sound cliché but I was also influenced by down south producers DJ Toomp, DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, and Mannie Fresh.

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Check out BLVCK LIPSTICK below:

@SLASHMAJOR – BLVCK LIPSTICK ( Feat @TheeAvaHovanka ) Shot & cut by @_TimH_ from Slash Major on Vimeo.

Written by Thomas Agnew