[Unknown Known] Profile: Phene

Name: Phene

From: York, PA

Projects Released: God On A Greyhound, The Setup (Hosted by DJ Dub Floyd), Leap Of Faith (Hosted by DJ Wally Sparks)

Influences: Everyday Life, York City, struggle, traveling.

Website(s): http://www.HighOffLife.com or http://www.Phene.net


What prompted your start for your career path?

Writing and recording music has been in my life since a teenager & served as an outlet for self-expression. It wasn’t until graduating high school that I released my first body of work & pushed the music out in Central Pennsylvania. The response from the people is really what pushed me to pursue music as a career.

Who first recognized your talents and what it meant to you?

Although I had already gained some local fans and recognition, when a promoter named Ecko in my home town heard me we instantly connected & began putting things in motion. He owned a music store at the time, which allowed us to utilize his relationships with mixtape DJ’s on the East Coast. Together we were able to place my songs on over 300 mixtapes back when physical copies were popular in the streets.

First problem you have come across?

It’s hard to pinpoint one particular problem. My whole career I’ve been an underdog, completely self-funded & self-managed. The Do-It-Yourself model poses a ton of obstacles as you advance in the music business. As I’ve progressed, I’ve come to realize the importance of building a solid team around you.

As an up and coming what was it that you seen that you needed to improve on?

Transitioning from being a beast in rap cyphers to being able to translate thoughts into actual songs! A lot of very lyrical artists and battle rappers struggle with this. Working with different producers & being a student of music in general has helped me improve as a writer. I think every artist constantly has this challenge & should strive to learn more, try more, & improve over time.

How will you make an impact given a chance?

My grassroots approach in releasing music in Central PA and Atlanta has already shown me the impact music makes in peoples’ lives. From winning awards, and even speaking at schools and panels, I’ve recognized that I have the chance to be the voice for those who can relate to my story and struggles. Ultimately, I’d like to broaden my audience on a national level and speak to people past any regional boundaries.

Why should people take notice in your work?

Because it’s genuine. Honest. I’m a small city kid with big city dreams, painting stories that are often left unspoken. The good, the bad, the ugly… I promise to give you every side of the story. Balance is the key. Come get High Off Life!

Written by Thomas Agnew