[Unknown Known] Profile: Correy Parks


Photo by Devin Xo

Name: Correy Parks

From: Columbus, Ohio

Projects Released: The Layover EP, #LostLuggageEP

Influences: Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West

Website(s): https://soundcloud.com/correyp , www.thelockandkey.us


What prompted your start for your career path? 

I’ve always felt like I wanted to do music, but was fearful of how attainable it would be. Around 2½ years ago my sister, who was a very talented singer, passed away and it kind of sparked something in me. It gave me the realization that life is to be cherished and appreciated and that if you’re able to pursue your dreams or passions and don’t, that you’re doing a really big disservice to yourself and the universe.

Who first recognized your talents and what it meant to you? 

Well, I’m actually a pretty reserved person so I never really practiced or showcased my rapping to anyone until a few years ago. But in the time I was writing privately, I always felt that I was pretty talented. I’m not one to gas myself and try to look at things pretty objectively, but I knew this was my gift. The first person I ever really spit for though was an old roommate of mine named Xaq, probably one of the most well rounded individuals I know, mentally and musically, so I knew he’d give me honest feedback. He was messing with it heavy so it gave me a bit more reassurance.

First problem you have come across? 

I’m a firm believer that the problems you face are merely obstacles or situations that reflect things you need to work on, on a personal level, to attain maturity and/or spiritual growth. What I mainly dealt with were obstacles of acceptance. I never was the popular guy, didn’t have the newest clothes or shoes, and wasn’t big into the more materialistic aspects of the culture, so people had a real hard time of even wanting to connect with me as an artist, as those topics are very prevalent in “scene,” However, as I began to accept myself and take pride in my music and stance on life, I noticed that I began to attract the right listeners, fans and energy my way, and even those who didn’t want to listen, are listening now.

As an up and coming artist what was it that you’ve seen that you needed to improve on? 

As with most up and coming artists, confidence is something I’m constantly aiming to improve on and that just takes time. Confidence translates to so many parts of your artistry, from live performance to the risks you take in your work. So every opportunity I get, I try to outdo my last attempt, and am always seeking to better myself. Complacency is a curse to life.

How will you make an impact given a chance?

My mission is to open people’s minds to their true potential and purpose on this Earth. We as a society have (purposefully) been so distracted by the material and the everyday rat race that we fail to realize not only our power, but just how bad it really is out here. I think it is our generations’ duty, to tap into that potential and purpose and use it to better the world. So that’s what “The Lock and Key Co” is about, opening doors and facilitating growth for those who want to do positive things for the world. I love music and it’s my current vessel, but its way bigger than music.

Why should people take notice in your work?

People should take notice of my work because not only is it good music, but its genuine. It speaks to topics and issues our whole generation can relate too and even if it may not be the most popular opinion now, you can never say it’s untruthful. That’s always been the mission with the music, convey a message that’s real to me, but in a way that’s consumable for the listener. There is this cat Chase N. Cashe on Twitter who is always dropping gems and he said once “Things you may not like now can be what you need the most and the things you like at the moment may be what you need least to get ahead” and that really resonates with my music. That’s not to say there aren’t people who enjoy my music now, it’s just as people gradually wake up to their surroundings I think they’ll begin to see how much my music is for them.

Listen to Correy’s #LostLuggage below:

Written by Thomas Agnew