[Unknown Known] Profile: Mani Coolin + Red Bull SoundStage Profile Video

Name: Mani Coolin’

From: Los Angeles, CA

Projects Released: Something Perfect (March 12th,2011), For The Moments (June 14th,2012)

Influences: Everyday life, Artist raising the bar & Family.

Website(s): www.manicoolin.com www.twitter.com/manicoolin www.youtube.com/user/manicoolin


What prompted your start for your career path?

Honestly, me telling myself I could do it, and seeing other artist from my city doing it. That really inspired me because I was always into music and this came to be the best way to express myself.

Who first recognized your talents and what it meant to you?

My homies that I kick it with. We would always joke around and freestyle, after awhile they told me I should take it serious.

First problem you have come across?

Getting people to listen was the first problem haha, but now that’s not a problem as of lately.

As an up and coming artist what was it that you seen that you needed to improve on?

Everything. You can never be too good. I want to get better as an artist all around.

How will you make an impact given a chance?

I think i have made a little impact on some people. I always get a person that hits me up and tells me my song got them through a hard day or insprired them to do something. But if i can get my message out to more people hopefully my music can influence people to follow their dreams.

Why should people take notice in your work?

Real Life Rap is at an all time low in 2012. People need it back. That’s what I have to offer, that’s why people should.

Written by Thomas Agnew