[Unknown Known Thursdays] Profile: Drique London

Photo by Angie Luvara

Name: Drique London

From: Raleigh, NC

Projects Released: The Unkool  (2009) Nike SB The MixTape (2010), The Deaf Sound Project (2010), The Amelia Earhart Mixtape (2010), White And Blue (2011)

Influences: Curren$y, Wale, Snoopdog, DMX

Website(s): www.driquelondon.com

What prompted your start for your career path?

Just having an ear for music! I like the fact that you can tell a story and touch people through your words… I felt that I had something to say.

Who first recognized your talents and what it meant to you?

I’ve always rapped around the house, to my family and friends for fun, but when I started taking it really serious, one of the first people to hear me and really take interest, on a serious note, was my man Unique who is a producer and one of my main producers. He really supported me through it all. It made me feel good to know if I can catch his ear I can catch the ears of many and since I have been doing it, I get a lot of love from a lot of people.

First problem you have come across?

When you’re not making what people want to hear or what’s  “hot” at the moment, it’s hard to gain the attention of your peers and people. Getting out of a box that they want you in, proving that I am one thing when the world wants another, that’s just not me.

As an up and coming (depends on artistry) what was it that you needed to improve on?

At the beginning of my career, I wasn’t at the spot lyrically, so I had to step back and work on that. Then the quality from videos, to online appeal, to the way you present yourself, I have to work on all that now. I feel like it’s where it needs to be but I can still learn more. It’s all about constant growth and artist development.

How will you make an impact, given a chance?

I think that I will change the stereotype that people give to artists from North Carolina. Because, we are a state that don’t really get any love and I think I can be the one who wakes people up on more levels than just word play or a hot beat or hook. This is my life, not just a hobby, and I want that to be understood.

Follow Drique London on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/driquelondon

Written by Thomas Agnew